2019 Spring April 14 Sunday

44 degrees this morning, humidity 72%

Rain literally all day yesterday, from about 10 a.m., with light sprinkles before that.  It as a cold unpleasant rain, but it wan’t hard and it wasn’t snow!  

Supposed to be sunny today, with temperature warming up.  I can’t wait.  

Even though it was cold and unpleasant, it wasn’t a bad day, if you just accept the fact that what is, is.  

Exercise yesterday:

-30 minutes stationary bicycle 

-14 minutes, swimming

Thinking more about my thoughts yesterday about the city we live in and the citizen unfriendly meeting times etc.  I also get the feeling (and actions have supported it) that they prefer to have a small clique running things.  

Not that they haven’t overall done a good job, it is just that I am used to having at least input into things, even if my input is just considered.  I just think the more variety of input, the more likely the decisions will be what the community needs and wants.  

I don’t know how citizen input would have changed things, but for some reason the city loves high, massive, concrete curbs on the streets.  

Years ago, I was City Manager of a City, we just had  consulting engineer who designed a lot of concrete curbs for traffic etc.on a street improvement.  We just had hired a City Engineer and her comment was that she thought “paint would have worked just as well and been a lot cheaper and safer”.

Over the past 18 or so years, I have watched this and definitely “striping” works just as well, is much more inexpensive and is much safer.  (While not funny, it was perhaps ironic that one of the persons who approved the curbs hit a curb within two month and severely damaged her car wheels). 

For the most part motorists observe “striping” 90% of the time and when they don’t observe it, it normally is because it makes sense not to observe it.

Anyway, this City must have spent a fortune on massive, high, curbs were stripes would have been much cheaper, easier to maintain and much safer.  

I think the massive high concrete curbs show a lack of understanding of traffic control and no sympathy or trust at all for motorists.  I can’t even imagine how much damage they have done.

I realize “citizen participation” may not have changed that, but I may attend a meeting and comment on it!  I don’t know if their consulting engineer is hung up on concrete or includes it to run up his fee, or whatever, but it just isn’t right for the residents.  (Most engineers done’t include items to run up fees, so I assume they are hung up no massive concrete curbs.)

Kind of like a lot of their “public private” projects here that turn out to be at public cost, but private benefit.

Looking forward to a sunny day today and next week!

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 14, 2019.

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