2019 Spring April 15 Monday

53 degrees  this morning, 59% humidity

Relatively nice day yesterday, sunny at least.  Forecast is for 79 degrees today.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 24:26 minutes, 

Swim:14:48 minutes

Pace was 42 seconds slow than my goal.  I have found I can normally tell when I am slow or fast, much better than when I walk outside.

Another Monday, and April is 50% over already. 2019 is going unbelievably fast!

We have several “events” planned throughout the year, and it is always rather startling when you suddenly realize the dates are almost here when they seemed so far away what seemed like just a short time ago!

Last week seemed to be a banner week for “scam phone calls” which I consider to be any phone call asking for money , etc.  We even had one call from a “fund raiser” at 8 a.m. n the morning.  

I no longer am pleasant (or even unpleasant) when I get a call.  I just hang up.  Even the obviously criminal calls saying they have a warrant for me, or detect a problem with my “Microsoft” computer (I don’t have a personal Microsoft computer), I just hang up.

Listening to a “Great Course” on Mythology on my morning walk.  I found it to be a lot more interesting than I expected.  Actually  I am learning to connect a lot of previously unconnected information.  

Of course, I still get confused some times, I heard this morning about the founding of Rome, and how Rome felt it was the center of (or rather THE) civilization of the time.  I learned a lot about “city states” that I kind of know, but not really.

Anyway, for some reasons I got to thinking (this was GREEK mythology) that Rome was in Greece, which obviously it’s not.  

On the other side, during my “lunch” breaks and various other times, I watch “Blacklist” on my iPad, courtesy of T Mobile.  (T Mobile provides Netflix free to T Mobile customers. 

I don’t know why I have never heard it before, but it is a very entertaining  (and slightly, or perhaps  very  unrealistic)! show. It is well written and who ever writes the stories and keeps the plots fresh are doing a great job of it.   

Anyway it keeps me entertained which is the point.  I’m not quite sure why I started watching it, just chance.

My newspaper delivery problems continue.  Sometimes the papers come, sometime they don’t, but it is always so late I can’t read it in the morning.  I have started reading the local paper on he Internet early in the morning on a very occasional basis, but I have  feeling the poor delivery is a scheme to force you to go to “on line” delivery.  

A lot of newspapers are getting purchased by “hedge funds” and “private equity firms”.  One of the problems with “hedge funds” or “private equity’ buying something is they cut and cut to make it “look” profitable, get rid of a lot of experienced employees to cut costs  and then sell it before the truth comes out to some poor fool (or unload it on “investors” in a public offering). 

Crooks come in all modes!

That’s it for now, Monday, April 15, 2019.

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