2019 Spring April 16 Tuesday

64 degrees this morning, 61 % humidity, wind 19 mph.

Weather started out coolish yesterday, but quickly warmed up to be a very nice day.  Supposed to continue, except they are forecasting storms here later on this week  

Wind is up this morning, which also seems to kick up my allergies (as does cold air and dust.)

Anytime a media freezing frenzy develops over a tv show etc. I wonder what causes it.  The current frenzy is over a show that I have never seen and never really want to see, since I don’t care for fantasy shows etc.  

Based on the media circus on this show, I thought maybe I was the only person who had never seen it, but based on past medal frenzy, I wasn’t surprised to find most people I know haven’t seen it.  

In fact, I don’t know one person who has seen it, although I’m sure that will change.  Not that I ask people if they have seen it or even consciously think about it, except when I see it on the news media and wonder why they push it so much.

It is strange that the frenzy includes all forms of media, competitors who are helping out the competition.  

Not that I care,  but it is a waste of time and I automatically delete/fast forward past  such “news” as trivial junk that isn’t worth my time. 

The news media seems to include similar fads throughout the years.   I remember the “reality shows” where the plot, characters etc. was reviewed to extreme points. 

Of course the ultimate is in the “sports pages”.  I almost never read the Sports pages, which include really trivial worthless information.  

I don’t have anything against it, I just wonder who cares that much about the very trivial parts of sports, the little things like who says what to whom etc.  

I figure a lot of people do, since it seems like the only reporters the local paper has is reporters who only write trivialities about the local NBA team (even in the summer) to the exclusion of all other sports teams, except for college football and basketball.  

I kind of gave up on the local paper being delivered on anything even close to timely this morning and read it on the internet.  Actually not bad, I just hate to give them the satisfaction.

I am sure when a majority of the subscribers are reading it on-line, they will jack up the price (secretly on a “automatic pay” system) and then quickly sell the paper or “go public” before the illusory profits are realized for what they are. 

Maybe just paranoia on my part, but it seems to happen quite a bit, and the low interest rates and tax laws continue to benefit these thieves.  Perhaps “thieves” is too strong a word but I don’t know what else you call it.

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 16, 2019

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