2019 Spring April 17 Wednesday

65 Degrees this morning, humidity 80%, wind 15 mph.

Overall weather was ok yesterday but cloudy with a sense of rain in the background.  Supposed  to be a good change of storm, rain today.

We have been trying to use “My Fitness Pal” to maintain/lose weight.  Like many apps, it does work if you  use it consistently, with the operative word being “use it consistently”. 

Actually, I think it is effective even if you just record what you eat, since being aware of what you eat (or whatever behavior) is important in changing your behavior. 

Probably the reason I started recording my exercise was to provide an incentive to keep exercising and keep improving.  In a way it was worked fine, although my exercise program is now in a transition stage, since my allergies have been getting worse by walking outside.  

I enjoy walking inside also, but it isn’t as rewarding as walking outside.  On the other hand being able to swim after I walk inside is well worth it and I much  prefer the inside/swimming exercises to the outside walk only.  

Soon, as the weather warms, I will need to test my arm and endurance in painting (with stain) part of our fence.  A small portion (that wasn’t done last summer due to the vegetation near the fence) needs to be completed.  Obviously if possible before the vegetation gets too high again! 

It has been a while since I did something like that, so it will probably be a sporadic long term project, although who knows.  

One wonderful thing about the internet is the ability to look up “how to” instructions that can really help.  Sometimes there is conflicting information, but I can normally figure it out.

A limitation is that I don’t have the patience to sit and watch videos, even instructional videos.  (I can’t stand to watch news videos at all).  Maybe some day after I retire and feel like I have time to spare, although I have a feeling I will never have time to spare o4 5h3 patience to sit and watch a video.!

I expect aspects of our culture like 24 hours news, short bursts of stimulation through Twitter, Facebook, numerous “notifications” of “breaking news” etc.  throughout the day keep us in a constant state of wanting more burs of stimulation.  

Note I’m not saying that is bad, I love it!  

I have always loved to get the mail (when I was a kid I was always the one that went to the mail box and waited for the mail carrier).  Even now, I get a jolt of stimulation when I get the mail, an e-mail or a phone call, wondering what positive or negative things are part of the letter, e-mail or phone call!  

Probably one reason I love the daily paper, even though tv, radio and most of all, the internet probably will kill the daily newspaper. 

There is nothing like that small surge of excitement when you get a new letter, e-mail or “breaking news” notice!  As I have noted before, I even enjoy the new assignments I get each month, because they are new and post new experiences, even if they are more work!

More on this later!

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 17, 2019

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