2019 Spring April 18 Thursday

57 degrees this morning, 90% humidity, wind 20 mph

Heavy rain late last night, some thunder and lightning.  Didn’t appear to be as bad as the forecast indicated it could be.

Went to a baseball game last night, the temperature quickly went from warm to cool, it always surprises me although it shouldn’t!  

Pondering some more on how we may be “addicted” to getting stimulated by “breaking news”, “notifications” etc.  “Addiction” normally has somewhat of a negative nature, so that probably isn’t the appropriate word.  

Perhaps “dependent” is a better word, although there are some problems with that also.

As I mentioned yesterday, I always have anticipated events like the daily paper, the Mail, and of course, now, e-mails, “breaking news” and similar events.

I don’t feel I am “dependent” on them, they are just there and add excitement to life.  

Perhaps “anticipation” is the operative word.  I live in a world of “anticipation”, a word I like much more than “addiction” or “dependent” and I think that word describes the situation better.  

As I have mentioned previously sometimes “anticipation” is as important, if not more important than the actual event.  

I expect “anticipation” could become a negative factor if “anticipation” always leads to disappointment in the reality, although I think “disappointment” is also a way your mind frames life.

I at least try to experience each moment of life, good or bad, trying to put a positive spin on it when possible!

I hope this “mind discussion” makes sense!  I am really thinking this through while I write, and, like any “discussion”, I probably (or do) do a lot of “brainstorming” where all alternatives and many are discarded or substantially changed as I think them through.

Saw a story this morning about how the lying coward lunatic has a chance of “winning” reelection.  Now that is scary to think that this chronic liar, who lives in a world of unreality and can’t stand anything but praise , is a proven pervert, is stealing billions from  taxpayers for golf, his family and  for his private businesses and viciously attacks “enemies” with lies and perverted comments has any alternative but jail or a mental institution is scary.  

What surprises me is one of the states congressional cowards had a “community meeting” where he basically disagrees with the lying coward lunatic on tariffs etc and almost everything else (according to news reports), but doesn’t  have the backbone to challenge his insane incompetent actions.  

I had a little jolt of surprise this morning when I saw it is already “Thursday, April 18, 2019”.  How did the week (and the year) go by so fast!?

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 18, 2019.

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