2019 Spring April 19 Friday

49 degrees this morning, 60 % humidity, wind 14 mph.

Weather yesterday was nicer, but still cool and some rain late afternoon.

Exercise yesterday include 30 minutes on stationary bike.  Haven’t been able to swim since I scraped my leg and didn’t want to swim with an “open sore”, which fortunately has just about healed up.  Should be healed enough next Monday.

April 19 is a day anyone in Oklahoma City in 1995 will remember.  It was a world of unreality and disbelief, first for days, than weeks, than months and than years. I remember the ten year anniversary, I was driving in Mississippi of all places and I pulled over at 9:00 am to reflect about it and remember.  

I think my reflection including both the event itself and the people involved and how it literally changed an entire city and it’s residents.

Oklahoma City was in a transition stage at that time, having started a program that no one realized how it would affect the entire city and probably state.

I was at  a city meeting once and someone made the comment that most cities may have a short time when all of it’s leaders are in sync with the residents and for maybe (my statistics) one or two years out of a generation (say 20 years) the stars are right for the city to make major progress and the spark can make long term changes in the city and community.  

That is what happened in Oklahoma City and it started in 1993 with the first vote for a sales tax for public infrastructure etc. I don’t know if the April 19 bombing had any impact, or rather what impact it had.

Starting to get used to reading “on-line”  the newspapers I normally read as a physical paper.  While the physical paper has limitations (mainly poor delivery), the on-line versions have limitations also.

I have been reading some newspapers on-line for years, so the switch was what in what I was reading, not in how I read it.

In a way, I think life is somewhat what I said about a City.  An individual has fallow months and years when nothing gets done, or you just kind of live life each day.

Occasionally you will suddenly have a chance or opportunity and you have to grab it if it presents a change to have a major change in your life. 

Like anything, you never know what the result may be at the time you make the decision.  

It probably is equally as important to know when not to grab what seems to be an opportunity but really isn’t.  Unfortunately you normally don’t know until you have irrevocably made the decision!  

As they say you learn to make “good decisions” by making (and learning from)  “bad decisions”!   

That’s it for now, Friday, April 19, 2019.

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