2019 Spring April 20 Saturday

46 degrees this morning, 81% humidity 

Weather was pleasant yesterday, cool all day but relatively nice.

Still trying to fit exercise back in my life at a specific time.  Just like having a “home” for things like keys, my wallet etc., I find I “find time” to exercise if I do it at a specific time during the day or at least a time reserved for that.    

I wish the Fittness center opened about an hour earlier, but it doesn’t, and it makes it a little difficult for me to get my exercise in, but it is too important not to find a time to make it a routine.  

I have developed, over about 35 years a specific time during the day I exercise, so there are about 2 hours during the day that I can’t  always sleep, I assume because my body is used to exercising during that time!  Any other time during the day, I can sleep anywhere and anytime.  Rather weird.  

I recently scraped my leg, so I couldn’t swim until it basically healed, or rather haven’t been swimming since I haven’t started again yet.  I think it is ok to go swimming today.

In the meantime, I did something to my knee, but it doesn’t seem to stop me from bicycling or walking, which is good!  

I went out last night and played “soccer” with one of the grandchildren, and I realized I am not as in shape as I thought!  Primarily I started coughing from the exercise (“exercise induced asthma”), but I also have a few sore muscles I didn’t realize I had!  But it was fun.

Although not related to exercise, I have a “dead tooth” that I have been avoiding the idea of a tooth implant.  While I am glad that they have tooth implants, I have had one (or rather two together) and I would greatly prefer not to have to go through that again!  

If I do, I do.  Recently the tooth seemed to be sensitive, but not painful at all.  Of course, I do NOT want to wait for it to start throbbing and need an emergency replacement!  

The tooth replacement I had cost twice as much as they estimated and, frankly the follow-up dentist did a horrible job in my opinion.  

The specialized “tooth replacement” clinic estimate was twice as much as the “regular dentist”, but it ended up costing me more and was a lot more inconvenience at the “regular dentist”  I am sure.  Not something I want to go through again.  

For some reason, I have a difficult time finding a dentist who isn’t a “crown king” always finding another reason to put in a crown, etc.  One I had in Memphis started off good, but then just became a money hound, trying to always sell expensive treatments.  

Unfortunately the follow-up ones weren’t any better. 

Fortunately, I have an excellent dentist here that I trust, he hasn’t even suggested  a filling in 5 years,  but….  A tooth replacement is still a tooth replacement.  

Seriously, I have no intention of developing a throbbing tooth, so I will see my dentist soon to determine if I need to proceed.  Not looking forward to it, but if I get it done it will be over.  

Supposed to be a nice weekend, high today is forecast to be 80 degrees and a high of 83 degrees tomorrow.  My kind of weekend!

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 20, 2019. 

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