2019 Spring April 21 Sunday

62 degrees this morning, humidity 64%, wind 15 mph

Wonderful day yesterday, up to around 81 degrees, little wind.  The day started off at 45 degrees and, strange as it seems, it actually seemed warm since there was no wind and the sun was shining.  Until you got into the shade anyway!  

Exercise yesterday was an inside walk, 28:50.  Didn’t swim yet due to a scrape on my leg.  Pace was a very slow 1:05 seconds slower than my goal, but I was taking it easy..

Fortunately my knee wasn’t bothering me at all after hurting for several days.  I”m hoping it was temporary.  I always dread the day when something like that becomes permanent and I realize I have to “do something about it”, like have an operation or one of those pain control shots. 

One way I can control damage to my knees, legs etc. is to control/lost weight.  Both of us are in weight losing/control mode and actually not doing too bad.  

Although it is frustrating to use because of its limitations (no spell check, poor connections etc), the “my Fittness Pal” app is the best way we have found to monitor our eating and it will also keep a record of exercise and weight.

Actually, the best way I have ever lost/maintained weight is to control my carbs.  I don’t go  nuts over it (I don’t count carbs in vegetables and fruit), I just try to avoid fast carbs.

I’m still not doing great on controlling carbs, but I am controlling my food intake better.  At least I am keeping track of it.  

What is always surprising is how many calories, carbs, fat and salt is in some foods that I never suspected!  

Looks like the local AAA team is going to be spectacularly horrible this year, not just bad, but shamefully woefully horrible. Not a lot of fun to watch, but we still enjoy the experience.  I think.

Hopefully they are just having the early season jitters and will meld into a better team as the season progresses. (Or they will call up some better players!)  Last night they lost by 10 runs, the night before by 6 runs.  At least they have a couple of wins.

Like anything even teams that are bad occasionally win, so we can cheer the wins.  To some degree, they seem to be doing as well as they can.  Perhaps the thought they are doing as well as they can and losing like that is an especially bad sign for the season!  What happens when they start playing bad!

Speaking of bad experiences, I always think the worst business to be in is the restaurant business.  You can eat at a place for years and have excellent experiences, then one bad experience and you never eat there again!  

While I value “excellence all the time”, if a business or person is really trying they are going to make mistakes. 

The biggest problems is that few people will complain when they have a valid complaint.  (I’m as bad as anyone).  Part of the problem is the overreaction by businesses when you do complain, or really just advise there is a problem. 

Of course what is worse is the businesses who encourage comments just to get your e-mail address/phone number and they really don’t care what you think.

As I always said, “if you don’t tell me about a problem, I can’t correct it”, but it is difficult to do in reality, especially telling someone about a problem.  

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 21, 2019.

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