2019 Spring April 23 Tuesday

59 degrees this morning,  93 % humidity.  

Rain during the night.  Heavy thunderstorms coming in, so decided not to exercise, since they probably will shut the pool down (at least for the storm I see coming in on the radar).  

 I have been looking forward to starting/restarting  my regular exercise program but the incoming thunderstorms and some other tasks I need to get done early made me decide to wait.  (i paused about that sentence, I’m not sure if it is really a correct way to say that, but since I”m not getting graded on this…)

I don’t mind too much ifI miss exercise on my three “field days” because I actually get quit a bit of exercise in during my regular day’s activities.  But along with that I need to exercise on my “office days” and weekends.  

As I have noted before, I really don’t know where the time goes, especially early in the morning.  It seems like I get up and then it is suddenly time to start work and I haven’t gotten everything done I intended to get done!  As I said, morning time is hyper time, it seems to go much faster.

Although I should have more time in the evenings and weekends since I basically just have voluntary meetings, time also seems to disappear then also.  

Went to the AAA baseball game last night with some trepidation, since it was raining some here and we thought it might get cold.  (Also the teams performance has been way below par, although a winning team isn’t really the reason we go.)

Anyway, as sometimes happens, the weather was perfect, the game was exciting and highlighted by the pitcher hitting a towering home run which seemed to change the psychology of the team.

While there were homers what I really liked was “our team” actually used some strategy (strung together singles, doubles, etc. to get some runs)!

Recorded a series of dreams, wanted to start recording them.


Long and comprehensive dream.

Dreamed living in the country, by a river big enough to swim and boat in.

Yet also, it was close to a major mall.

Only snippets now, but I dreamed I walked out and saw a relative swimming in the river and thinking  “I would never swim in this river” (and I wouldn’t).  I went back and told Aliene I didn’t realize the relative swam in the river.  (which was a muddy river)

Also dreamed I went to a used book store at a mall and found on old journal  I had written.  The cover was off both sides and it had some kind of do it yourself dark cover, but it was my journal.

When I tried to buy it, I found I had forgotten my wallet and didn’t have any money to buy it.

The “clerk” was two people who stood on top of each other in a very realistic dragon costume, so it was like a 12 foot tall clerk with a realistic dragon or crocodile face.

For some reason I had a debit card (I never carry debit cards) and for some reason I couldn’t use it.

I had bought  something before but I can’t remember what.

The location was the farm I grew up on (the east half) and the mall was in a city near Memphis.

A strange dream.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

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