2019 Spring April 24 Wednesday

55 degrees this morning, humidity 94%

Rain most of day yesterday basically a miserable cold rain.  Fortunately I was in an “Office Day”, so I was inside all day, doing paperwork and phone calls.

I recently read about private groups (usually extremist nuts) “patrolling the border” and kidnapping refugees at gunpoint.  Hopefully they will be stopped.  

We had some nut in this city who thought he was going to make a point about guns in a major park. 

I definitely don’t want anyone except trained law enforcement enforcing the law.  They have a lot of training and even than mistakes happen.  

Of course that is what the lying coward lunatic and his band of cowards and criminals and the congressional cowards are bringing about.  They think the pig faced lunatic squealing his lies, violent threats and abusive juvenile insults allows them to act the same.  

It is already a fine point as to when it is “right” to refuse to comply with a law (Civil Disobedience) that is so unfair and discriminatory as to be basically illegal.  

This cowardly incompetent lunatic who actually was soundly beaten by 3,000,000 votes and “won” probably with the aid of our enemies is going to destroy the nation and world.  

Having a lot of really weird dreams, not bad, just strong.  I forget many of them, but I tend to forget them before I write them down.  I have no idea what they mean, I just thought if I keep track maybe it will eventually make sense, or at least some sort of sense.

Dream 4-17-17

Dream started in a town I lived in about 20 years ago.  (Actually 18 to 30 years ago, time goes so fast1)

Dreamed I went on a bicycle ride and ended up in a parade, even though early in the morning.

Later dreamed I checked on the community center and found it hadn’t been used or worked on since I was City Manager.  It was full of junk.  (There actually was no community center in that town, just in my dream.)

I broke off the handle when I went in (it wasn’t locked) and I tried to decide who to contact about it.

In a conversation about it, I asked the question whether it would  be torn down or remodeled.  (No answer to that.)

Later part of dream I’ve already forgotten unfortunately  since that was the part i got up to write about.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

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