2019 Spring April 25 Thursday

54 degrees this morning, 97% humidity 

Coolish yesterday, continued to have a lot of moisture in the air.  Forecast is for warmer weather shortly!

Yesterday, I did one of those things you wonder “what was I thinking”.  

While on a break, I left my phone in a bathroom, sitting on the toilet paper dispensary.  I didn’t realize it until I was almost to my next visit, when I suddenly realized it.  I rushed back and was able to retrieve the phone, thank goodness.  

When something like that happens, it kind of makes me a little concerned that I was capable of something like leaving my phone in the bathroom!  

It is like having an accident and you wish you could take that last 10 seconds (or whatever) back!  

I guess some of the worst decisions people make are decisions made without thinking, decisions you make while your mind is in neutral!

At least everything turned out all right, I felt such a sense of relief when I saw my phone still there.  I can guarantee I will not set my phone down in a public place again!

AS I have mentioned before, I usually have a “home” for everything I use on a regular basis, I try not to leave an item (such as keys, glasses, wallet etc)  anywhere but the “home place”.

Believe me, it does work

Another dream to record.  This one really doesn’t make any sense, but, it’s a dream!

Dream 4-18

Dream location seemed to be on a farm I grew on .

Situation was I was supposed to go to work with a relative for some reason.  

I left and realized I hadn’t picked him up.  

I kept trying to go to work, but realized I didn’t have my shoes on, I was s wearing  “sliders”.  

It was like a merry go ground, I would get ready to go, start in the car and realize I didn’t have shoes on.  

I would go back to get shoes and then start to work again.

I was asked by two people (I’m not sure who) to talk for a second.  While I was in a hurry and still in my sliders. I said I would.

My heart sank as I realized they wanted an interview.  They got all official and, with a pencil posed over paper, asked “What did I intent to do about “Jukepence”.  I said I had no idea what it was and they were horrified. “you really don’t know what Jukepence”  they said?

Mercifully I woke up.  (I did check on Google, and found there apparently is no such thing  as a “Jukepence”, although there is a person with the name “Juke Pence” in, I believe, France)

That’s it for now, Thursday, April 25, 2019.

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