2019 Spring April 26 Friday

50 degrees this morning, 87% humidity  

Nice day yesterday, I believe it got up to about 80 degrees.  

Read a story yesterday about how a research group has actually developed a procedure so that people can “speak” with brain waves that interpret what they are trying to say and can “speak” for them.  

Obviously this  procedure is still in a trial basis and they don’t even know if it will actually help people with speech problems by the muscles that produce speech.  

I realize it is very early in the process, but the potential consequences of this could mean, in addition to the good it does for people who are unable to speak due to illness or accident, that eventually someone could literally “read your mind”.

I have to admit, when I first read “1984” (I don’t have any idea how long ago), it was considered a fantasy.  

Now, no more than 35 years later than the title of the book, a dictator with a group of coward appointees who can’t stop his dictator actions, can literally do everything spelled out in “1984”.

GPS, cameras, computers etc. make it all to possible for a government with a cowardly scared lying lunatic as President can use the force of the federal government to intimidate business into giving him special privileges and punishing his “enemies” with the unlimited resources of the federal government.  

Recent attempts to intimidate Twitter, Facebook, and the news media to give him special privileges etc. and attempts to silence them with threats fo “regulation” are obviously attempts to control the news medial. 

Throw in the ability to “read the thoughts” of everyone and you really have a nightmare when you have a unethical perverted lying coward lunatic as President who is surrounded by incompetent cowards who only think of enriching themselves.

Somehow it seems to tie in with “Fahrenheit 451” where they burn books because (if I remember correctly) they may contain thoughts that may undermine the rulers.

Considering the lying coward lunatics hatred of newspapers and his attempts to attack the news media, I can see “1984” and “Fahrenheit 451” becoming reality in the not too distant future.

Hopefully people will come to their senses in the not so distant future and stop the outrage.  

I continue watching “Breakout” during my lunch breaks and when Aliene and I  take breaks at Starbucks.  It is not reality to say the least, but it is based in reality and for some reason I have really become attached to watching.

One part that isn’t unrealistic is that some of the federal agents get killed.  You get to really liking a character, and suddenly, zap, they are gone, just like real life.  

I don’t have any idea it the series is original Netflix or played somewhere else first, but I really enjoy watching it.

That’s it for now, Friday, April 26, 2019.

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