2019 Spring April 27 Saturday

64 degrees this morning, 49% humidity 

Generally excellent day yesterday, mid 70’s low wind, sunny

Exercise yesterday included:

Walk:  20:35 minutes, Swim 13:35 minutes 

Pace was 51 seconds slower than my goal.

Felt good to get back into swimming again, after a hiatus due to a scrape on my leg.  While I am not really a good swimmer, I do enjoy paddling around in the water and I figure it is good for me as anything.  

I have become a little concerned about the walking on what is basically a concrete floor covered by a carpet, but I haven’t really noticed anything major, occasionally some aches and pains I haven’t had before.

Fortunately, I also get to walk quite a bit on my job on a “field day”, of course offset by sitting a lot on my “office days”.  One action I have to remember is to get up and move around some on my “office days”.  Sometimes I have more aches and pains from my “office days” than I do my “field days”!

Start of another weekend, which is nice.  Monday starts and the week seems to look like it is a long time until Friday, but suddenly Friday and then Saturday are here.  

Proceeding through the “Cliff’s notes” version of “Sister Carrie” during my “speech exercises”.  It is actually an interesting book, even in “Cliff Notes” form, but I know I will never take the time to read the complete version  

It would be interesting to look at the early “Cliff’s Notes versions” and compare them to the current “Cliff’s Notes” and see how the interpretation of what is considered “great works” or “great literature” have changed due to the changing value of society, political culture and demographic changes etc.  

I am sure some of the interpretations have changed significantly while others may be somewhat the same.

Ditto with some of the songs I sign as part of the speech exercises.  Some of the songs I sing were ones I did in high school, and in a way I was surprised that we sung them in high school.  For obvious reasons, I won’t mention any names.  

Of course I don’t know if we sang the same versions or not.  

Interpretation of what you read or watch changes with your age and experience, sometimes to a significant degree.  I assume I should expect that, but it still surprises me when I return to something I read years ago and realize it doesn’t say what I thought it said, at least the “present me”.  

Sometime I will go back into my past journals and read what happed on “today’s date”, say 5 years ago, or 10 years ago, and see how my reaction, actions etc. would have changed based on who I am today!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, April 27, 2019.

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