2019 Spring April 28 Sunday

54 degrees this morning, 61% humidity wind 12 mph

Excellent day yesterday, low 80’s, sunny, wind a little high 

Exercise yesterday was 30 minutes on the stationary bike and 14:25 minutes swimming

Speaking of news overkill, I have a hard time understanding (or caring) about the coverage of the “NFL Draft”.  Fortunately technology will allow me  to ignore it as it means absolutely nothing to me and I could really care less.  

That coverage, along with the coverage on some fantasy show really emphasizes “junk news” that wastes a lot of time.

Just because I’m not interested in it doesn’t mean a lot of people apparently are (or it is one be sales job for the NFL and the show, which is more to the point I expect), “news” created to sell the NFL and the show.

Whatever, what is, is and fortunately, I can just ignore it.  It is kind of like many of the “news anchors” and their time wasting mindless chatter.

Even on CNBC when I go to exercise, I listen and think, “I could care less about your personal opinion and the thoughtless chatter they either think is cute or they just are incompetent (or the owners really  think people like it).  Either way, I frequently change to another station.  

The newspapers have arrived so late I have started reading them “on-line” and will cancel the print editions.  I really don’t like the “on-line” editions any better, I just haven’t get time to read the print editions when they arrive so late.  

My one exception is the Sunday New York Times, I don’t think I could ever read that on-line.

One time I complained about the DJ “chatter” on a Sirus music channel, and they said “people feel lonely if they don’t hear someone talk”.  I do very well not hearing anyone talk!  

At some point I am sure I will switch to my iPhone and just listen to books or music when I am in the car, but I still like to listen to news during the day and don’t want to mess around with the iPhone.  That will probably change when I get the “car echo” or Apple play on a car.  

Actually, I am waiting for my invitation to purchase an Echo for our cars, which will really be a big help, assuming it works right.  It will also help with reminders etc.  

Occasionally I am reminded of how fragile our lives really are. Illness, accidents, sudden repairs needed to a house or car etc. can suddenly disrupt the “days of our lives”. 

The “weekend” is half over, tonight I will go to sleep thinking about starting the workweek again.  Not bad, just “is”.  That is the time I dream about retirement!  

That’s it for now, Sunday, April 28, 2019

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