2019 Spring April 29 Monday

69 degrees this morning, 76% humidity. 

Excellent day overall yesterday, a little windy.  

Exercise Sunday:

Walk 24:46 minutes,

swim 16:41 min

Pace was 47 seconds slower than my goal

Overall a nice weekend, as normal, it went too fast.

I did bicycle outside some, which I was pleased to find I still enjoy!  I coughed some (which is the reason I haven’t been biking outside), but not to the point where it was a major problem.  I am looking at buying some kind of “smog exercise mask”, maybe it will help.

I plan on building up slow, hopefully by the time I retire, I will be in shape to “ride with the summer”, starting in the south United States and riding with the start of summer to Canada.

Probably will never do it, but it is a nice goal to have!  Maybe I will have to use an “electric assist” bike, but I’ll wait and see.  Right now I will continue concentrating on building up my bike riding muscles etc!

Getting closer to replacing my MacBook Air.  It is always difficult to purchase a new computer and see the “upgrade charges” for memory and storage.  I really don’t know if I will need that much memory or  storage but over the period of the next five years or so, you never know what programs will come out etc.  

Apple makes it more difficult by charging high prices ($200 for extra memory and $200 for extra storage) which, if you purchase the 3 years maintenance/accidental damage ($249) just about doubles the price of the computer!  I am thinking of looking at alternatives,(a Google Chrome, Dell etc.) but over the 5 years or so I will use it, it probably isn’t that bad.  Take the long view as their say!

It is offset somewhat that Apple will allow a reasonably good price as a “trade in” for my present MacBook Air, and I will avoid having to purchase a new battery and a new cord, plus there are some programs my current five year old computer is having problems running.

I have heard Apple basically sets a 3 year “life” for their products, although I still have a 13 year old iPod that works fine and the battery is still good.  As I have mentioned, my “original iPad” still works fine, it is just that it doesn’t have the technology to run a lot of new programs and apps.

I was using the original iPad  for listening to “Audible” books a few years ago and ran into some problems.  I called the “help” line and the representative I talked to was shocked at the age of the “app” I was using (the newest the iPad would run). He said he didn’t even know that one was still working!  

In a way it is a mixed blessing.  Since they still work find, I keep them, but their technology is so dated, they worn’t run anything new!.

That’s it for now, Monday, April 29, 2019.

#Resist  #DerangedDonald

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