2019 Spring April 30 Tuesday

62 degrees this morning 99% humidity, very foggy out.  

Light rain yesterday, today is supposed to include rain and storms.  Hopefully the forecast is wrong!  

Hopefully Spring will be here soon.  It seems that usually there is some cool wether until mid-May when the hot weather finally arrives.  

Just looked at the radar weather map, looks like a lot of rain went south of us, although some is coming in.  

Opportunity to see the “Four Seasons” performed live this year.  I jumped at the chance  to get tickets to see it “live”.  

I can’t say it is my “favorite”, but it certainly is up there with my favorites.  I have it on my phone to use as both a phone ring, as with as an alarm and timer!  

I like to switch rings and especially alarm/timer rings on my phone.  Right now, I am using the theme to Star Wars.  As I mentioned the Four Seasons (of course, “Spring” and “Summer” are also favorites.  I have a few other’s I cycle through occasionally.  

Of course, I also have some other rings, like the “duck” ring I use so I can hear the phone in the car!  Actually I rarely if ever answer or use the phone in the car anymore, even “hands free”.  One primary reason is that I am absolutely prohibited from using the phone while driving when I am on work status, which is probably a good idea!

Last night at Toastmasters, I was asked if there is ever justification for war or fighting.  Although I regret to say it, I think occasionally there is, although  like anything it tends to be abused.One example  of abuse of power right now is #derangeddonald and his gross abuse of the “emergency powers” for tariffs etc.  

I continue to be disgusted with #derangeddonald and his so called “base”. 

I never thought I would see a person who was supposed to be a “president” chanting “CNN sucks” and a group of his “base”  chanting along.  

A shameful time in the history of the United States.  A gross liar who has told over 10,000 documented lies and he is still in office!  

Actually it looks like a lot of history of Nazi Germany when mindless followers chanted Hilter’s slogans.  

#DerangedDonald’s  attacks on free speech, constitutional procedures,  the news media and his abuse of power for personal gain has gotten to the point something needs to be done and the gutless  GOP congress obviously is going to continue their shameful bootlicking of this lying coward perverted lunatic so they can continue ripping off tax $ for themselves, their donors and lobbyists and trying to impose their extreme beliefs on everyone else by preventing people from exercising their right to vote.  

That’s it for now, Tuesday, April 30, 2019.  

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