2019 Spring May 1 Wednesday

58 degrees this morning, 97% humidity.

Heavy rain, thunderstorms all day yesterday and though the night.  Rain got very heavy at times. 

Fortunately I had an Office Day yesterday so didn’t have to get out in it   Actually I have enough flexibility, I expect after viewing the weather I would have made it an Office Day!  

Even though it was a very heavy rain and storm, other areas near us had it worse as well as some tornados (I didn’t hear of any touching down) and high winds. 

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 21:55 minutes

Swim: 14:11 minutes

Looked at the forecast and there is a 20% change of rain literally every day for the next two weeks!  A 20% chance doesn’t mean it will rain, but ….

May 1, 2019 already.  The year is already 33% over.  Somehow 2020 seems far off in the future, like 1984 or 2000 when I was a child.  And suddenly it will be here and over, just like 1984 and 2000.

I remember 2000 and the possible computer glitch.  What I remember most is being in a room of Managers (probably about 1998), when the “Y2K Bug” was discussed and the possibilities.  You could feel the atmosphere in the room change when suddenly everyone in the room realized the possibilities.  Kind of like the oxygen went out of the room.  

At the worst, it could have been the worst, if electricity  etc. had stopped due to the Y2K bug, bank deposit disappeared etc

I remember on New Year Day 2000, we got up early and watched the New Year arrive around the world with few or any problems, and relaxed after several hours and basically realized the Y2K bug wasn’t going to cause any major problems.  

Probably the thing I remember the most from the day is the advent (at least for me) of the “AFLAC Duck”.  

Actually I googled it, and the “AFLAC Duck” debuted on 1-1-00!

I found some other weird findings in my google search, including questions on whether it is a duck or a goose (it is a duck, they said a goose would be much bigger and much meaner).  

Also, the AFLAC Duck has about 94% name recognition and has received numerous rewards for advertising etc.  It also bought the Aflac company from a little known company to a well known company. 

The duck does have a name “The Aflac Duck”.  

Hopefully the rain will decrease today.  We have had enough!  

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 1, 2019.  

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