2019 Spring May 2 Thursday

59 degrees this morning, 97% humidity 

Yesterday was  little better, at least no rain.  High humidity, which makes me cough.

Overall good “field day”.

May 2, marks 4 years and 10 months since we moved to this area, 4 years and 8 months in my present job.  

It took us a couple of moves to find the right house, although the first two houses were certainly acceptable.  

Looking back, it all seems kind of a blur.  Like I told someone the other day (another swimmer),when I first moved here, I walked, rode the bicycle and swim every day and then I got a job! 

While I miss the time to really walk, bicycle and go swimming, I think it was the right decision to go ahead and get a job.  Actually at the time, I”m not sure if I really felt I had a choice, not necessarily for just for the money or even to keep me busy.  I can actually keep pretty busy myself!  I just wasn’t ready to stop working yet.  

I’m not sure if I would have liked any job as much as the one I have, so I was fortunate and fell into the right job.  It has variety,  and mostly I work independently, which is important to me.  It has a good mix of “field days” and “office days” and in spite of the title, 70% of the job is helping people.  

Probably because I tend to get frustrated with forms , etc., the part I enjoy the most is helping people get started or when they run into a problem. (especially when I know the answer!). 

I am always somewhat surprised that people are surprised I’m still working.  I really don’t feel that old that I should be retired!

Of course, part of what occupies my time now is thinking about what I will do after I retire from my present job, although that is somewhere in the distant future, or maybe not so distant considering how fast time goes.  

I  was in a meeting the other day, and the Supervisor was discussing a class he was taking (a major training class) and he said the next session started in 2021.  He said “it sounds like a long ways off, but it isn’t”.  

I think that is always a thought to keep in mind, the future is tomorrow and it will get here sooner than we expect!

Listening to a “Great Course” about “myths and mythology” when I walk.  I was a little surprised about how much I enjoy listening to the stories and also how much they actually apply to current events! 

I can’t really repeat them, that may be a future project, reading about myths and mythology some more and seeing how they apply to present circumstances. 

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 2, 2019. 

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