2019 Spring May 3 Friday

57 degrees this morning, humidity 94%

Coolish all day yesterday, cloudy, no rain.

Exercise yesterday:

Walk 20:42 minutes

Swim: 17:11 minutes 

Pace was 26 seconds slower than my goal. 

Forecast today is for more coolish weather with high chances of thunderstorms all day (70-80%).  

Hopefully this means true Summer is right around the corner!  Usually this type weather doesn’t continue past mid May.

My “goal” for walking speed is truly a “goal”, since I have never met it walking on an indoor track. Somehow, walking on an indoor track is about a minute per mile slower than an outdoor walk, on average.  

Walking outside, I would meet or exceed my goal (or within 10 seconds either way) about 50% of the time, maybe more.  I think  the closest I have gotten on an indoor track is within 17 seconds of my goal.

Of course, any short-comings to walking inside are offset by the ability to swim!  It is nice having a place to swim.  

The lying coward lunatic, #derangeddonald, continues to act so unpresidential as to be a real embarrassment and shameful.  Worse, it is dangerous.  

#Derangeddonald can’t think of anything but trying to get re-elected, it doesn’t matter if he destroys the economy etc. #DerangedDonald just wants to “be” president, not actually act as one.  

Even without all of the incompetence, waste, corruption and criminal activities, I really don’t understand how anyone can support a habitual liar, who lies all of the time about anything (even factual data, which is really scary, since it means he is living in a world of unreality and fantasy).

Worse, the congressional cowards are not “telling the emperor he has no clothes” and encouraging this incompetent liar since they are getting rich off of his self-aggrandizing policies to benefit himself, them and donors and lobbyists.  

Recently  we have attempted to go to “brick and mortar” retail stores to buy something because we preferred to see it first to make sure we were getting what we wanted.  Of course, they are leading to their own demise by not stocking any variety any more.  So, of course, we went on-line and bought it, due to the better selection, leading to less purchases at retail stores.  

I don’t know what the answer is, perhaps I can’t have it both ways, purchasing on-line and having a good selection at a local store.   Somewhat like the physical newspapers, which I feel don’t have long.

That’s it for now, Friday, May 3, 2019.

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