2019 Spring May 4 Saturday

57 degrees this morning, 97% humidity

Rain yesterday, extremely heavy in the afternoon, continued most of day.  Being in the field it was especially miserable although I had my umbrella and didn’t get soaked, which really would have made it miserable.

Fortunately it started in the afternoon and I was able to adjust my visits.  

Another quote from the “Cliff Notes” of “Sister Carrie”.  

“It was a long way to this better thing-or seemed so- and comfort was about her, hence the inactivity and longing”

This quote was a reaction by Carrie after she became very successful on the stage.  A friend mentioned that she might consider “changing” to include more serious drama.  

I think the implication is that she was in her “comfort” zone, was already successful and the “comfort zone” was more or less a prison, (She was unhappy, even though very successful and didn’t know why).  

She was in the position of possibly losing her comfort zone (which she had worked hard for) and this led in inactivity and inability to change so she could perhaps be happier.

Anyway, that is my interpretation. 

Even if my interpretation is incorrect, it got me thinking about change, “comfort zones” (a term “getting out of your comfort zone” has become a byline) and how we approach change.  

I tend to believe a “comfort zone” is also a series of habits, a way of dealing with daily life.  Changing a “comfortable” habit can be difficult.

I think the change that was suggested to Carrie (expand her acting  repertoire) was especially difficult.  It is easy to subconsciously think she may not be successful at “serious drama” and perhaps could’t return to her present state.

The hardest decisions are the ones where “you can’t go home again”, you can’t return to your former situation if the new change doesn’t work out.  

A new job, a move, etc. are all changes where you essentially are “burning the ship”, you have to made the new move successful or make another change.  

I believe it all goes back to the Robert Frost poem which opened my eyes when I was a teenager, “The Road not Taken”.  Every decision you take precludes many other alternatives permanently.  

I always thought I could “overthink” this.  Obviously you will make 90% (or at least most decisions) as just a matter of daily living without any thought or consideration, even though many of them will have an important impact on your life.  

The “big decisions” may consume a lot of time and thought, but may not be as important as a decision made mindlessly without any consideration.  

As they say, “good decisions” are developed based on  learning from “bad decisions”!

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 4, 2019.

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