2019 Spring May 5 Sunday

57 degrees this morning, 97% humidity.

I think this week I could almost literally write the same “temperature and humidity” each day and been approximately right!

Hopefully the weather will change soon to “sunny and warm”, or “sunny and hot” for that matter!  It really can’t be too hot for me!

Another Sunday morning, weekend going fast, than the work week starts and before I know it, it is Friday!  

Exercise yesterday:

-Stationary bike, 25 minutes

-Swim:  10 minutes

-Bicycle outside 17 minutes 

Trying to get into bicycling outside again, which I really enjoy.  I’m taking it easy, since I am in no hurry and I want to gradually get back into long distance riding again.  

I also am getting back into using the punching bag and “heavy bag”, which I think improves my coordination or at least helps maintain it.  

As I have noted before, my main problem is simply time to get everything done I want to get done!  

When you are busy, the problem is to add something you have to give up something else you enjoy or that you have to do.  I always try to reject this “truth” and fit new items in, but threre is no getting around it.

That is what I really liked about cell phones, it was like “buying time” to be able to talk on the phone while driving.  Even that was a false belief, since I rarely talk on the phone while driving any more (even “hands free”) due to the proven dangers of it.  (While working, I am absolutely prohibited from talking on the phone while driving.)

I have received several phone calls and texts from “Fox News”, proving that “Fox News” is trying to manufacture “news” to pimp for #derangedDonald” and it is nothing but a marketing organization for their extreme views/

One phone call I got (she identified herself as being with “Fox News”, was trying to get my “support” for Fox fake news and some on the air nut who is one of the bootlickers of #derangeddonald  I advised her I never watched Fox fake news and lies and asked why a “news” organization was trying to manufacture public opinion?  

Also received “texts” trying to get me to “vote” on the “Mueller” showing “NO COLLUSION!”  (their emphasis).  Talk about unethical!   

The second test was a gross lie (a HUGE LIE) about how #derangeddonald is “helping” retirees!!! Sure, by cutting social security, medicare, health insurance and increasing taxes!  Some help!  

I let them know what I thought of their unethical activities.  Birds of a feather, I guess.

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 5, 2019.2

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