2019 Spring May 6 Monday

60 degrees this morning, 94% humidity.

Heavy thunderstorm/rain  during night 


-Walk 22:50 minutes, swim, 17 minutes 

Didn’t bike outside due to sore throat, which irritated me!   However, I have learned the consequences  of exercising in cold weather with a cold, although I hope this isn’t a cold.  A sore throat is not a normal thing with me, thank goodness, and I hope it disappears soon!  

Pace of walk was 40 seconds slower than goal.

Weekend flew by and it is now the start of another work week.  I was surprised yesterday to suddenly realize Memorial Day (the “unofficial” start of Summer) is only 3 weeks away!  

Grilled a meal over the weekend.  Using the grill is always one of those things we “plan” on doing.  When we use it, we enjoy it and wonder why we don’t do it more often!  

I think there are a lot of activities like that, we (the “general  we”, not me in particular) “plan” on doing something, but, as I like to say we never “get a round tu it”!  Anyway we finally grilled on a Sunday afternoon and are glad we did!

I will have to think about the activities I am always “thinking” about doing but never “getting a round tu it”.  

If I looked at my life I expect I would see many regrets at items I always planned on trying but never did.  Perhaps I would  regret doing some of them I had tried them, but I will never know!

#DerangedDonald is demonstrating  some very disturbing behavior, even for him.  Even trying to blame some horse race on some type of conspiracy, probably aimed at him.   (I don’t waste my time anymore reading his comments or reading/watching news reports on the lying coward lunatic. 

However the trend of his lies and incompetent actions show he is becoming increasingly unstable and he only has a bunch or cowards and incompetents on his staff now since he can’t stand the truth or anyone who doesn’t lick his boots. 

I have to wonder why the news media even reports that kind of garbage. The worst, most dangerous president ever, who feels he has to show his stupidity and incompetence and mentally deranged mental problems in all areas.

 I don’t know why his comments on a horse race are news worthy, except they demonstrate what an in competent lying coward lunatic he is and support removing him from office by the 25th amendment as mentally unfit.  

Start of another Work Week.  We’ll see what the week brings.  

That’s it for now, Monday, May 6, 2019.

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