2019 Spring May 7 Tuesday

67 degrees this morning, 73% humidity

Yesterday weather was relatively good, although the high moisture content in the air was a little oppressive. 

More “severe storms” are forecast for this evening and tomorrow. Figures!  I am more than ready for the rain to stop for a while.  Yards are mushy etc.

Sometimes I think “smart phones”, apps, printers etc. all try to be too “smart” for their own good (or the users good!).  The device “assumes” you want to do something and you really want to do something else!  

I am reading a book that is based in 1999 (even though it was recently written).  It is a little jarring to hear references to AOL Messenger etc. and the relatively limited mobile phones of the area.  

Somehow we are now accustomed to “smart phones”, hundreds of tv channels, all the radio stations you want (including satellite radio with stations available nation-wide,  the alert devices on cars, texting, super-fast computers, “smart digital assistants” etc.  

As long as everything continues to work, I think it is great and look forward to advances in technology.  I am just a little surprised at how fast new technology becomes “the norm” and we look forward to another advancement.  

As I have mentioned, when electricity, wifi etc. goes out, we are suddenly lost.  I hear about some of the areas with storms where they don’t have electricity for months, and I really wonder how they  do it.

In a way, the “normalization” of change works both ways.  If you lose electricity or wifi, you get used to the “new normal” almost like you get used to advances in technology  etc.  

We may not like it, but we get used to it!  

I remember years ago, we were without  electricity for about 7 days, due to a wind storm.  It soon became somewhat “normal”, although this was about 2003 or so when we still weren’t as quite as dependent on electricity and wifi as we are now.

Also, there were parts of the City that had electricity, so it wasn’t like we didn’t get “breaks” from the lack of electricity etc.  

Since we can’t even pump gas without electricity, I’m not quite sure how  places adapt to long periods without electrify. 

Last night, someone gave a speech at Toastmasters about how horses used to do all of the transportation, etc. including pulling trolleys etc.  “Horse poop” was overwhelming the world with it’s odor, where to put it etc.  Dire predictions abounded about horse poop literally taking over cities.  

Of course, electricity, and then the gas engine, were developed and became widespread and soon “horse poop” was not a problem as electricity and gas engines became the “norm” and created other problems!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 7, 2019.

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