2019 Spring May 8 Wednesday

58 degrees this morning, 100 % humidity. Heavy thunderstorms and rain 

Very humid day yesterday, but at least the sun was shining.  Storms started overnight.  

Exercise yesterday: 

-Stationary bicycle:  28 minutes

-Swim:  11 minutes 

One problem is due to time, I am limited to about 40 minutes of actual exercise, no matter what I do, depending on when I go to work etc.  I am working on some alternatives.

Also I have a sore throat, so I have somewhat restricted my exercise.

Yesterday I mentioned about how sometimes “smart phones”, computers, programs etc. may be “too smart” or maybe “so smart they’re dumb”.  

Case in point is “Spell check”.  Frequently it is so sure of what word you mean etc. when I really don’t mean the word it thinks I mean it is really frustrating!  

If you take it to the extreme, it could be dangerous if a car thinks you should stop and you don’t, it could create problems.  

I get a copy of a Newsletter that I basically respect the author, even if I frequently don’t agree with him.  

When I read his “analysis” of Capitalism and what he called “Socialism”, I was surprised at the faulty reasons and leaps of “non-facts” to make what he thought was his point. 

I was disappointed in his reasoning.  While I believe in he Capitalist system, I hardly feel it should be wide open with no controls.  

Odd dream.  I have no idea what It means or where it came from

.Dream 5-5-19

Dreamed was in a motel (a somewhat seedy one) ad I kept getting locked out of my room or something would go wrong and they would transfer me to another room.  

In every room something was wrong.  At one time I had 4 motel rooms at one time.  

In one episode, the hotel workers came in with a bunch of wires and one tracked red mud on the floor.  I asked if they would report it so we would not be charged for the mess, hoping that they would clean it up.  Instead they replied I wouldn’t be charged for the electricity, whatever that meant.   

In one room there was a little cubbyhole, with junk in it.  (Maybe represented my office!)

i keep going down a long corridor and having to go back to find my room 

Somehow we were suddenly in the country and a Country Western star (I don’t know who) pushed someone real fast in an old car, and then the Police pulled out since they were going too fast by then.

I tried to explain the joke to Aliene (something about Ford Trucks, I don’t rememberI)

She didn’t get the joke.  (I haven’t figured it out either since the dream!)

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

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