2019 Spring May 9 Thursday

58 degrees this morning, 89% humidity 

Thunderstorms yesterday morning,  actually turned into a reasonably nice day, except for high humidity and clouds 

The problem with my iPhones, iPad and computers not being able to pick up “public” wifi with this message “insecure network” continues.  

For some reason, everyone denies that the problems exists.  I am well aware that I am on an “insecure network” and I deeply resent whoever it is feels they need to block wifi “for my protection”. 

For some reason, Apple computer denies the problem exists when I call about it and the only place I see computer users say it is a problem is on the internet where no-one seems to acknowledge the question that it is a problem.

I have decided I am going to call Apple about it one more time and then check and see if my $50 Kindle has the same problem as my Apple products do.  If it is some kind of Apple thinking that Apple is doing this “for our protection”, now is a good time for me to switch out of Apple products, much as I love them.

Like the Apple failure to provide a “touchscreen”, apparently due to some kind of massive corporate failure to consider what the consumer wants or needs, it may be an Apple action thinking they know better than their customers what we need.

Anyway, I need to buy another laptop in the near future, and then a phone and possibly a tablet this Fall.  I am really tired of whomever it is that is blocking public wifi “for my protection”.   

Fortunately I can normally work around it, but it is a hassle.  I have to go tot he website (i.e. Starbucks, McDonalds etc.) and then sign in to the public wifi.  However, I really resent the extra time and trouble it takes, since, almost by definition, my time is limited when I attempt to use public wifi.

A somewhat related problem with Netflix (which comes free with my phone service) is the some type of bug by Netflix that “restarts” a series.  

Yesterday, after watching “Blacklist” through almost two seasons, the series suddenly “reset” to the beginning.  No explanation, no reason, no information on how to get back, I had to literally “fast forward” through about 30 episodes to get back to where I had left off.

Not a very good example of reliability of “streaming” services like Netflex, and a horrible example of customer service, or rather an excellent example of  poor customer service.  

The same thing happened with “Orange is the New Black”, except that I was getting bored with the series (they were having a lot of trouble coming up with new ideas), so I just stopped watching it and switched to “Blacklist”.

Bosch Season 5 is now on Amazon Prime so I have an alternative. 

Thursday already, The days, weeks and months continue to fly by!

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 9, 2019.

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