2019 Spring May 10 Friday

43 degrees this morning, humidly 99%

Rain in the morning, than cool all day.  Today it is even worse.  43 degrees on May 10?

At least it is Friday, the week sped by in spite of the horrible weather!

I keep waiting for Spring weather and it doesn’t seem to be getting here!  Or maybe this is Spring weather and I keep waiting for Summer weather!

Exercise yesterday included:

Walk:  22:45 minutes, 

Swim:  15 minutes

My pace was 35 seconds slower than my goal.  

We keep waiting for “Summer weather” to arrive, but I expect this happens every year because I know it seems like it is always at least the middle of May before “Summer” weather actually is on a somewhat regular basis. 

The period between the March and June is kind of the “Big Wait”, I know warmer weather is coming (and it happens on some days), but overall it is miserable weather.  

Several years ago, it Summer weather started in early March and it stayed warm.  It was wonderful!  

Finished a book of fiction last night.  (LIsa Scottoline, “Someone Knows”). It was a “different” plot, which made it interesting.  While I found it interesting, I doubt if I will read any more of her books.  

I used to read a lot.  As I have mentioned, I don’t read so much anymore.  I though it was the lack of time, and time spent on the computer etc., but it may just be a shift in my reading habits.  

Sometimes I start a book and then I start thinking of what else I could do with the time if I didn’t read the book, so it becomes a matter of  not that I don’t enjoy reading the book, it is just that something else is more interesting!  

Maybe that is why it is easy to accumulate books, magazines and  even movies or shows recorded off of tv, it is a matter of having something available if you want it.

That’s it for now, Friday, May 10, 2019

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