2019 Spring May 11 Saturday

50 degrees this morning 99% humidity 

Chilly weather continues.  At least the sun was shining yesterday (although it was cold) until last night when it started raining.  

Went to a baseball game last night (in spite of the cold, which wasn’t that bad), but rain started and the game was suspended.  Fortunately it was suspended before the 5th inning, which means we get a “raincheck” and can use our tickets to attend another game.  Since our tickets include food, we got a free meal from the rain!  

Looking ahead, next week it is finally forecast to get into the 70’s and 80’s, although the chances of thunderstorms are almost every day.

I am about to make the break with the traditional newspaper.  My newspapers are arriving at 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., which is ridiculous. 

I would just switch to “on line”, except I feel the local paper is trying to force people to go on-line by  delivering the paper so late that they will go on-line.  I feel like I am being manipulated and ripped off.  

Yesterday, I called to cancel the paper and there was a ten minute wait!  Better than the 30 minute wait of a week ago.

I also am canceling the Wall Street Journal although I will not get the on-line version as a protest against the decline of the Wall Street Journal into another propaganda device for the lying coward lunatic, and his band of cowards and criminals.  (They actually own about 34%, but apparently that is enough for them to ruin what once was an excellent paper and turn it into another piece of junk reporting.)

I decided I don’t want a penny of my money supporting the murdoch family which lied when they told the previous owners they wouldn’t make it into a propaganda organ for their extreme insane views that created the fox propaganda network.  Of course, what else do you expect from them but lies and more lies and greedy attempts to rip you off?  

Watching a tape of the Formula 1 “practice” which is in Spain this week.  It is in an area I visited while I was in Spain in the Air Force.  Hopefully we will get a chance to visit some time in the future!  I’m sure it will not be anything like I remember it!

I was based in Madrid, which is in general in central Spain (I think, geography was never my strong point), anyway it wasn’t close to a beach, so a friend and I probably went to the beach twice. 

Not that I’m a beach fanatic, but it was fun.  He spoke “Spain Spanish” fairly fluently (he father was in the Air Force and had spent a lot of time in Spain), so that helped!

Glad the weekend is here, somehow it seems like Monday had just started and now it is Saturday morning!  

Rather interesting demonstration about  the Formula 1 show about “engine oil”.  They mentioned that a different engine oil is used for each engine due to the heat etc. of race engines.  They showed fresh oil (which was clear etc.) and then used oil, which as dark and muddy looking!  Always learn something amazing from the most unlikely places!  

They said a race team brings 50 different types of oil and fuel to a race over the weekend!  They test the oil after each run, and sometimes discover metallic shavings etc. that indicate an engine problem. 

Somewhat like a blood test for humans! 

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 11, 2019.

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