2019 Spring May 14 Tuesday

67 degrees this morning, 68n% humidity 

Excellent day yesterday, up to 81 degrees, supposed to get up to 87 degrees today!    

Recently read about the way “automatic renewal” of how small fees  “subscriptions” add up.  Examples are magazines, newsletters, web sites etc.  I am trying to closely watch such costs, both because it is a waste of money and it infuriates me that they use this technique.

Last night I realize the same thing was happening with our lawn company (which I won’t name).  I may be wrong, but I suddenly realized they were staring to come monthly for pest control, and this is supposed to be a lawn company (i.e. weeds, etc.) and we have a pest control company that comes out.  

I would love to find a company what would take care of the basics without trying to “upsell’ you on everything or adding things without our permission.  The actual pest control company is always trying to upset us on something, trying to solve problems we don’t have. 

I recently read an article where it was emphasized how environmentally bad “lush green lawns” are, in addition to costing a lot of money.  

They mentioned the waste of water spent on making lawns unnaturally green, the pollution  of pesticides etc. that wash into rivers and lates etc.  and the destruction of nesting places for animals, birds and insects etc.  

I have always been appalled at how much we waste on keeping grass unnaturally green etc, bit we do it anyway.  

I have looked at using plants etc. that is indigenous to the area so they wouldn’t need water, fertilizer and  all the other chemicals on the lawn.  There is a lot of information but very few examples of anyone doing it around here.   

The HOA is the perfect example of having the ability to not worry about mowing every Inch of grass (except fo safety reasons etc.), but they literally mow every inch weekly and must spend a small fortune every year on landscape care.  

I know they waste a lot of water on watering, but their excuse is it is “ground water”, which isn’t much of an excuse to me! 

Of course, I haven’t said anything about it and probably won’t either!  

Starting to plan my “t-shirt quilt”.  I am thinking about  an approach and I probably will have somewhat of a “theme”, although right now I  am am thinking I will use conference shirts, “event” shirts and  “place” t-shirts.  

In the end, I’ll probably just use t shirts that seem to include some flow/s in my life.  I will take pictures of them before I use them for the quilt.  

Of course, I realize that once I use the shirts for the quilt (or donate them or whatever) most of them I can never wear again. As usual, there is always the thought that “sometime” I may want to wear one even though I have shirts I haven’t worn for years and probably never will!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 14, 2019.

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