2019 Spring May 16 Thursday

72 degrees this morning, 72% humidity

Odd that the humidity and the temperature have bee either the same or almost the same for the past several weeks!  Probably no significance.

Wonderful day yesterday, so of course I was in a meeting all day!  That is ok, there will be more nice days when I am outside!

I am looking at starting to walk/bike outside again, hopefully return to the “magical mornings” without the cough or colds resulting from doing something I enjoy.  

Happened to be reading a book by Mark Obmascik “The Storm on our Shores”.  He documented some extremely brutal methods by one country that I have never read before, at least that I remember.  

It was against the Chinese and was every bit as brutal and animalistic (actually not animalistic, animals are’t that brutal) as the Nazi’s. 

I think the reason I didn’t hear of it or it didn’t have such an impact on our psyche as the Nazi’s is that the European war probably had more of an impact on Americans until the very last part of the war.  

I was dismayed when I read this, even though it was almost 80 years ago now.  

When even now we say about Germany, Italy, Japan etc.  “how in the world could that have happened and ordinary people and their supporters allow it” or words to that effect, then I see I see the fidelity and worship of a president who abuses the office  to make vicious personals attacks on his “enemies”,  lies so much he obviously has no sense of reality,  targets groups of people for racist, religious, and income  demographic reasons, allows environmental hazards that kill people so his buddies can make another billion dollars etc.  

I imagine there will be a time in the near future when these worshipers of the lying coward lunatic will be called to account for worshiping a lying coward lunatic who is destroying our country and the world.  

When I see how the supporters of the lying coward lunatic continue to support him  and attempt to justify his insane actions, as he squeals his lies, vicious personal attacks etc. and uses the presidency to enrich himself and his family, I think of the late 70’s when the followers of Jim Jones “drank the Kool Aid”.

Obviously everyone makes their own personal decision now how they decide to believe or whom they support and I really, myself, can’t do a lot about the destruction of our country as the “true believers” continue to support this demagogue.  

All I can hope is that they eventually are shocked enough to see that the lying coward lunatic is destroying our moral, political, social and cultural fabric of our country and society and they see him for the crude coward lying lunatic he is and vote him and his followers out.

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 16, 2019.

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