2019 Spring May 17 Thursday

71 degrees this morning, 74% humidity 

Great day yesterday, up in high 80’s, little wind etc

Exercise yesterday

Walk:  22:30 minutes,

Swimming: 15:05 minutess 

Pace was 31 seconds slower than goal.

Friday already, the week went fast!  

Listening to a “Great Course” about mythology while I walk.  I won’t remember much of the exact details , but it is interesting to see the how similar many cultures and societies are.  While they may express the emotions and beliefs somewhat differently, they are all somewhat the same.

One of the concepts that made me think some more is the concept (I’ll have to look up the spelling of the concept) that a person has a “duty” to behave or act in a certain way.  

Of course this changes depending on age, circumstances and abilities.  

I think the best way of thinking about it is that each stage of life has different “duties” depending on family situation, your job, even where you live or other circumstances.  

It is a view I haven’t thought a lot about, and I will need to do some more thinking and research on it before I try to explain it!

A series of dreams lately, this is one that was strange, but very strong. 



Long involved dream that started the morning of  the day.  For some reason I didn’t go to work in the morning and events kept coming up  (in the dream I was a City Manager again).

I don’t know the reason for not going, but, but as the day went along, I started asking people to go to an “on the Border” for Supper that was not in the area, but apparently in another City.  

I asked a close relative who stalled and first said she would drive herself.  Than she changed her mind and decided to go, but it created a delay.  

Also going where another relative, my wife and someone else, don’t know whom,  a kind of vague imagery.  

Finally everyone who was going to drive decided to ride with me.

It seems we were in the “White Horse Inn” in Nashville, so I don’t know why we were going to “On the Border”.  (Of course, this was a dream, so it doesn’t matter if it makes any sense).  

Apparently I had a City commission meeting that evening, and as the time went on, I stated getting worried about getting back in time.  

At one point it was 1 1/2 hours to the meeting and I realized I probably wouldn’t make it back in time.  At that point I seemed to realize it may be a dream since I wasn’t worried about missing the start of it.

We all went and got in the car and started toward On The Border.

I woke up.  

Strange dream, I have no idea what it may indicate, if anything.

That’s it for now, Friday, May 17, 2019.

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