2019 Spring May 18 Saturday

75 degrees this morning, 78% humidity, wind 18 mph

Weather itself has been great (a little cloudy and high moisture yesterday), but temperature was In 80’s.  

Problem is the wind has been in the range of 18-20 mph , etc., that makes it difficult to enjoy a lot of activities outside.

Planning on walking outside this morning, but decided to wait until the wind goes down some.  (I’ll walk at the fitness center).  Didn’t want to take a chance on the coughing returning. 

Overall I have been doing well by walking inside (especially when I can swim also it is especially enjoyable), so I am being careful. 

Yesterday due to the time I left and returned from my “field day”, I encountered a lot of traffic.  I always wonder where all of these people are going!  

It is strange how, at times, it is like the traffic seems to disappear at times you wouldn’t expect, but usually it is continuous.  I assume everyone is going somewhere like I am (or going nowhere but driving to it!), but it seems like a lot of vehicles.  

I can understand “surges” of vehicles, but the continuous flow causes me to wonder where everyone is going and why!  

Maybe like Uber cars, there are vehicles that just randomly drive!  

I keep waiting fro Amazon to notify me that my “car Echos’” (Alexa) are available!  It seems like it has taken a long time, and I wonder how they decide who get’s them first!   Hopefully they decided on a “when requested” basis, but….

If It works as well for the car as it does in the house, it will be a wonderful device. Like the smartphone, computers etc., I wonder what we did before we got the Echo’s!  They really are convenient and useful.  

Perhaps I am being someone naive, but I really doubt that anyone cares about what we say, and to some degree I have to trust that it doesn’t listen to anything until it hears the “wakeup” word of (in our case) “Echo”.  

I do wish you could personalize the “wakeup” word (There isn’t much choice between “echo”, “alexa” “computer” and “amazon”! )

Siri has a lot better range of voices.  I tried to change the Echo voice, but it changes a lot of your options also, as far as what it can do.  (It takes too much to try to explain how it limits your options, but it isn’t worth it to get the different voice.)

Siri has a lot more personality also, but the convenience of the Echo makes up for it, as far as in the house.  I’ll see what the “car Echo” is like when I get it!

Start of the weekend, have some baseball games this weekend, then a long period of no ballgames (that we attend).  

The problem with attending baseball games is you can’t fast forward through the slow times or delays!  

That’s it for now, Saturday, May 18, 2019. 

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