2019 Spring May 19 Sunday


55 degrees this morning, 83% humidity 

Heavy rain yesterday morning, some hail.  It started as one of those “big raindrop” rains, right as we started to the fitness center.  By the time we got there it was pouring rain and it seems a light hail, so we turned around and came back!

Since the rain hadn’t even been forecast (for our area), we were caught by surprise.  Since the the swimming pool is closed if it is a thunderstorm (with lighting), I wouldn’t have been able to swim anyway, and we didn’t think an exercise session was worth getting hail damage on our car or getting soaked in the rain!

Actually rain in our area was relatively light compared to some nearby areas.  As I mentioned when we left the forecast didn’t even mention rain in our area so it must have changed fast!

Of course, my belief that Summer weather was “permanently” here was somewhat shaken, but at least we experienced some and I know it is coming!

Actually I think rain is forecast at times over the next two weeks.

The CMA Fest (County Music Festival) is coming up shortly.  We have changed our procedure, we no longer go the “big” nightly concert for a number of reasons, but we enjoy the slower pace of going to the daytime concerts and activities.

We actually don’t know how many we have been too  or how many we are going to in the future, although that is always unknown.

The sponsors got greedy and moved our seats (apparently so they could charge more to groups etc.)  Our “concert neighbors” changed and it became more of a torture of drunken behavior and people blocking our view with “dancing” and it just became a bad experience rather than enjoyable.   

 We don’t judge how other people enjoy themselves, but also the nightly concerts had become much more of a drinking party with resulting behavioral problems, and we decided that we just don’t like being around behavior like that.  

We even had one person light up a cigarette and Aliene told her in no uncertain terms to put it out.  (Of course her excuse was she had “asked the people around her”, but she hadn’t asked us.)

Since we moved from Lakeland, the trip has also become an opportunity to visit friends where we used to live when we travel through Memphis and that is an invaluable experience that we may not “get a round tuit” if we didn’t make it part of the trip.  

One of the experiences we really like about the CMA Fest is to see the new performers who are just breaking out, as well as seeing the “legends” who aren’t as popular but who are enjoyable to listen too. 

Most of all it is a unique experience we enjoy.  

Today is supposed to be “clear” and in the high 70’s. We’ll see.  Planning to go to a ballgame this afternoon.  We enjoy the Sunday games most, especially the afternoon games, because we  have time afterward to do something because go to bed for the night!  

Next week is a 3 day holiday, yea!  And the unofficial start of Summer, an even bigger Yea!  It has been a long Winter.

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 19, 2019.

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