2019 Spring May 20 Monday

59 degrees this morning, 87% humidity 

Exercise yesterday

-Walk: 24.45 minutes

-Swim.  18.05 minutes

Pace was 57 seconds slower than my goal.  

Yesterday’s weather was nice, but it was overshadowed by the weather forecast for today of rain, heavy thunderstorms, and possible tornados in areas.

The schools in the area announced they were closing today by about 3:00 p.m. yesterday.  Probably a good preventive idea with the weather forecast. You know they are taking the forecast seriously!    

Right now the rain is supposed to start this morning, with “severe weather” later this afternoon and tonight.  

A different weekend than we expected (especially Saturday morning!), but a good weekend.  

My personal cell phone is starting to give me problems, I was hoping it could last until this November when I could get the “new” phone that normally is introduced in the Fall.   

It is really the first time I have developed problems like this, the “touch” suddenly stops working and other problems.  I have to reset it every few times and it is suddenly blanking out etc.  

I never know if it is software or hardware related, so I’ll have it checked out. 

The weather Saturday and the forecast weather today reminds me again how dependent we are on electricity and the distribution system, which I assume is complex and can be disrupted.  

Another dream.  I have noted common aspects of my dreams involve travel, a motel (frequently with construction or substantial repairs either at the motel in the area) and not being able to find my car. 


Monday, May 15, 2019

A dream that really had me fearful!

Dreamed I was going to Pittsburgh (for some reason) and stopped in I believe Nashville for a family reunion.  (Remember this was a dream, I know it doesn’t make any sense)

Staying in a motel in an area with a lot of construction.   

I went out the following morning to leave and couldn’t find my car.  For some reason I was carrying a portable vacuum and was also looking for a Target or Walmart (again I don’t know what my reasoning was).

I had a feeling of excitement about going to Pittsburgh (PA, not Kansas)

Somehow, I found myself on a second floor construction project (outside) and couldn’t find a way down.   When I touched something a tar like substance got on my hands and also on the vacuum cleaner.  

I didn’t feel like I was in a dream, I was really becoming concerned about how I would get down, whiten I woke up.  

Glad it was a dream. 

That’s it for now, Monday, May 20, 2019. 



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