2019 Spring May 22 Wednesday

61 degrees this morning, 64% humidity

Rain Tuesday morning continued until about 7:00 a.m.  Actually started looking as if it was going to storm again last night, but it  didn’t rain again, or at least hasn’t yet.

One thing I noted Monday (while we were waiting for the forecasted storm), I listened to FM radio while I was driving for the first time in literally years.  I did that so I could hear any local thunderstorm news.  

Also, we watched the local news, or at least keep a tv on the local stations so we could hear of any storm news.  That is something we normally don’t do, although we do try to watch the local weather.  

I thought about what we will do when (and if) the local radio stations and tv stations disappear.  I don’t think that is very likely right now but it is a thought.  

I am considering how to approach “weeding out” my t-shirts and selecting t-shirts for my  “t-shirt quilt”.  I was reminded of a successful strategy on weeding books etc., of “picking what you want to keep, not what you want to dispose of”.

I believe that concept will work in a lot of areas, it is a lot easier to be positive and pick the items you really like than to be negative and pick the ones you want to get rid of.

I think I need to decide how much space I have (or will have in the future) and pick the top shirts and weed out the rest or at least have a plan.  

Hats are always another storage problem because they are difficult to store and keep in good condition.  I have a lot of hats that are in such poor shape I am too embarrassed to wear them in public, but they have some type of “meaning”, such as an event or an experience etc. 

In both cases, I can take pictures of what I dispose of so I can still have the memory but don’t have the physical hat or t-shirt.  

That may word with furniture etc., I don’t know.  We are starting to think of the future day that we will have to “downsize” and make some crucial decisions about what furniture to keep etc.

Another dream.  I wonder if my dreams are somewhat the same (hotels, being lost or losing for something etc.) or if I just remember a certain type of dream!

Dream 5-18-19

Dreamed I was at a conference. The entire dream was in a hotel.

Again, dreamed I had a hard time finding my room, finally found it.  

Went to some conference sessions, and again couldn’t find my room.  I’ll walk around and find a room with a lot of people reading etc. 

I kept thinking my room number was on the key but it wasn’t, and for some reason I couldn’t locate the “front desk” to ask them where my room was.

Woke up without finding my room.

That’s it for now, Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

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