2019 Spring May 23 Thursday

75  degrees this morning, 83% humidity.  

No exercise as such this morning due to early schedule.

Warm and humid yesterday as the temperature reached about 88 degrees with high humidity.  Some areas of the state had more tornados and heavy rain today.  

Flooding throughout the state as rain reaches record rainfall.

If the normal pattern follows, we are in for months of no rain after the record Spring rains!  

Actually the next few weeks are my favorite time of Summer (although it is actually Spring) as there is hot weather and the daylight gets a little longer each day!

The problem with Summer is that Summer is the longest day of daylight and after that the daylight gets shorter each day, so I know the glory days of Summer are ending, even as I enjoy the Summer.  

On the other side of it, I know that on the first day of Winter, the “shortest” day of daylight, the daylight will start getting longer and Summer is coming.  But it’s not the same, the wait seems to take forever.  

Anyway, that reinforces my concept of “living each day” and enjoying it while it is here!  I really do dread the Winter.  “Enjoy” isn’t the right word, probably “experience” each day is a better word.

The lying coward lunatic is really an embarrassment to the nation. “Writing” juvenile cowardly “tweets” attacking people with lies and vicious personal attacks.  What a coward, hiding behind Twitter, no courage to directly confront anyone, has to hide in his bedroom watching junk tv,  eating fast food and tweeting lies and vicious attacks.  

I think he knows his past criminal and unethical actions are going to expose him for what he is.

His juvenile way of “attacking” people with what he feels are “nicknames” is especially sickening and embarrassing.  

The daily newspapers have not been delivered on a timely manner since January  1, 2019, so that is almost six months of delivery literally hours after the promised delivery time.  

After six months of this, I am beginning to really believe it is an attempt to get people to stop delivery of the physical newspaper and switch to the on-line version so they can make more money.  Obviously I don’t really believe they are consciously doing that but it seems strange they can’t fix their delivery problem in six months.

I keep planning to “pull the trigger” and  stop the newspapers (it’s not like I couldn’t restart them!), but it is difficult to do after literally a lifetime of getting the newspaper each morning.  The time will arrive when I will do it.  

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 23, 2019. 

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