2019 Spring May 24 Friday

74 Degrees this morning, 88% humidity

Friday before a 3 day weekend!  Always a good feeling!  Actually we don’t have a lot planned, but I know we will enjoy it!

It is also the “unoffiical” start of Summer.  Actually, I am old enough to remember when we got out of school on Memorial Day (or right before) and didn’t start back until after Labor Day, so it really was the “Summer”.  

Weather yesterday was hot (in high 80’s), but so muggy it really wasn’t that enjoyable.  Still better than cold weather.

Every time I think the lying coward lunatic reaches a new low, he manages to ever go to a lower sub-animal low.  What a joke (a very bad oneI) for the country for this  horrible liar, racist sexist clown to be destroying the country with his insane tariffs and “economic policy”  while he literally spends billions in “aid” to farmers solely for hie political ambitions and then the lies and says is paid “by the Chinese”.  

The lying coward can’t even admit he is using tax dollars to buy votes!  What about all the other people whose livelihood is being destroyed by this incompetent clown?  

I have to wonder how this clown has the right to waste this money on a problem he bought on and now all taxpayers are paying for it. The farmers would be a lot happier growing crops instead of seeing this incompetent moron destroying their long term markets with this insane idea that he is “tariff man”, whatever that is supposed to mean.

I get a newsletter monthly that is sent to me, and while I disagree more often than I agree with the writer, I have to say he is right on some things. If nothing else, I enjoy reading his opinions, they make me think!  

For example, he writes  “As in Rome, US politicians and bureaucrats are not gods. They are ordinary, imperfect, highly fallible humans. As long as they wield so much power, no one’s life, liberty or property are safe”!  

Especially true with the lunatic in office now, who thinks he is a “stable genius”, which indicates he definitely isn’t stable or a genius!  What a moron!  

The dangers of a nut like the lying coward lunatic is primarily the reason there are “3 branches” of government.  Unfortunately the legislative branch are a bunch of greedy boot licking cowards, and the judicial branch is being “purchased” by  individuals spending literally billions of dollars to rush though unqualified touts who are jokes, many who don’t even have any qualifying experience.  

The rains have apparently been bringing out a lot of snakes etc. Stories \ of snakes hanging onto the sides of peoples houses (literally, with pictures to prove it) and stories of snakes in strange places abound! 

I literally have been having dreams about snakes, although I think just brief dreams about snakes in the road etc.  

I realize (intellectuallyI) snakes, in general, are not really dangerous, but emotional reactions are a different matter!  

I can remember as a child going a long way around snakes lying in the road and my reaction is still fear, in spite of “knowing” better!  

That’s it for now, Friday, May 24, 2019

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