5-24-19 Addendum

A rare addendum to my journal.  

I think this is one, if not the only time, I have added an addendum.  That is what I sign off with “that’s it for now” instead of “that’s it for today!”.  

This morning I decided I just had to start walking outside again and sitting on the patio on the early morning, so I did.

Took an outside walk, which went fine (with some allergic reactions, I must admit).

I could really tell the difference between walking inside and outside.  Outside the grade and elevation is a lot more noticeable and my pace was 13 seconds below my goal, which is faster than I have EVER done on the inside track.

I obviously need to talk and bicycle outside and then go to the gym to swim!  Indoor walking just isn’t going to do it for me unless it is my only choice due to the weather!

Sitting out on the patio, this morning, a little cool, but very pleasant..  Still cloudy and muggy, but not that bad for the morning.  

So nice to walk outside and be out on my patio in the morning again!

That’s it for now,  Friday, May 24, 2019.

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