2019 Spring May 26 Sunday

64 degrees this morning, 97% humidity 

Humid day again yesterday, cool morning but warmed up well to 80’s.


Walk (outside) 23:52 minutes 

Swim:  19:11 minutes 

Pace was 35 seconds slower than goal time

Heavy rain, thunderstorms last night.  I wonder when it is going to stop!  Invariability we will be in for a long stage of no rain this summer!  

I remember three years ago, this time of year it was hot and hadn’t rained.  We were having problems with our sprinkler system (due to an incompetent inspection by the house inspector who missed the problems).  

We had a horrible time finding someone to fix the sprinkler system since all of the repair people were so busy.  Fortunately we ended up finding a good local company that did an excellent job.  

Our problem was that everyone was so busy they wouldn’t answer the phone or just would say they were too busy.  Probably not a problem this year, but it will be a while before we turn on our sprinkler system!

I actually feel like watering a lawn that needs watering since it isn’t indigenous to the area is a waste of money and water, but we do it anyway!   If I were younger I would look at “waterless’ lawns, but I’ll just go with the flow, so to speak, and keep the lawn green.

Researched “Derecho” storms some more.  Rather interesting.  As I noted yesterday, I assume they are more common than I expected, but uncommon enough it isn’t much of a list, probably an average of one per year in the US.

A Derecho is a “sudden” storm, with straight winds up to 130 mph. It can be dry even, although normally it is with heavy rain.  However some have caused significant damage with winds as little as 65 mph.

The Memphis “Hurricane Elvis”  (I’m not sure why it got that nickname) was one of the more powerful ones although I didn’t look for a specific list.

A very powerful Derecho in Brazil destroyed an estimated 540 MILLION trees in the Amazon rainforest.  

Looking to buy another air compressor for my bicycle tires.  I have found one of the biggest barriers to riding the bike is keeping the tires inflated properly!  As I mentioned, I had a good basic air compressor I used for years that somehow got “lost” or stolen when we moved and I have never been able to find a good one.  

I am embarrassed to admit sometimes I haven’t ridden the bike because I don’t want to mess with airing up the tires!  Also, I have written the bike when the tires weren’t property inflated, which isn’t any fun.

I have been using an old tire pump (the pump isn’t old, the concept is), which works sometimes, sometimes doesn’t.

I’ve done some research, hopefully found a good one.  I am committed to using it as soon as I get it and sending it back if it doesn’t work!

That’s it for now, Sunday, May 26, 2019.

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