2019 Spring May 27 Monday

73 degrees this morning, 80% humidity 

Warm and muggy yesterday, no rain.  

Exercise yesterday

-Walk:  23:42 minutes (outside), -Stationary bike:  22 minute -Swim:  13 minutes 

Pace was 6 seconds slower than my goal.  Walking outside is so much faster than waling on an indoor track for some reason.  It’s not other people, because my pace is about the same when walking on an empty indoor track as a crowded one although the indoor track is never really that crowded.

It does feel good to walk outside again.  While there are some drawbacks, it is just a completely different (and much better) experience. 

Memorial Day, always a special day for a number of reasons.  I remember it as the day we went to the family cemetery at Solider, Kansas, a very unique little town that still has an active community puts on a community lunch on Memorial Day, as well as  lunch for funeral services etc. 

The trip up there also has one of the most terrifying steep hills (if you don’t know it is coming) I have ever experienced, you literally lost sight of the road, the drop is so steep.  Since I know it is coming, I get a thrill ride from it!

One of my memories (may or may not be true!) is my Dad getting stuck on that hill (going the other way, “up” it) and having to have a tractor come out to get him out.  

Summer weather has apparently started, and it is about time.  Of course, it was still 64 degrees yesterday morning, but if I checked, I expect that is somewhat “normal”.  I know that July 4 and then Labor Day will be here before I know it!  

Recently had a rather weird experience with “nextdoor.com“.  When we moved several times, I had a hard time changing my “neighborhood” to the current “neighborhood”, so I just set up a new account.  

Eventually I guess the past Neighborhoods caught up with my current Neighborhood.

Anyway, I get an e-mail from “nextdoor.com Support”, that someone “reported” me for having too many e-mail addresses (more than one, I guess).  I have to wonder about someone who really takes the time (or has the time) to “report” someone for something like that!  

At first I thought it was a scam, but I checked and found they really do things like that!  In fact “nextdoor.Com” has somewhat of a notorious reputation for (in some cases, hardly the norm)  the local “Lead” (or something like that) who becomes somewhat like a noisy, vindictive prison guard who censors opinions they don’t like.

I never make any political comments on nextdoor.com anyway, but apparently there is a regular censor running around, depending on the local situation.  Actually I have no problem with that as long as it is equally enforced, but in some “Neighborhoods”, it isn’t equally enforced by any means. 

 As far as I know, it isn’t a problem in this neighborhood.  (It was apparently a problem in a community I used to live in that I follow on Facebook and hear about the “nextdoor.com” censorship of anything the “lead” disagrees with.)

Actually I have no problem with the “nextdoor.com” for my area, it is a good service if you have time to read it.  I just wonder who would worry about someone having 3 e-mail addresses!  

That’s it for now, Monday, May 27, 2019.

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