2019 Spring May 28 Tuesday

73  Degrees this morning, 79 degrees humidity

Overall excellent day yesterday, although still cloudy and muggy.

Exercise yesterday

-Walk:  27:00 minutes (outside) ,-Stationary bike:  32 minutes -Bike ride (outside) 21 minutes 

As noted, I did everything except swim.  Due to my scraping my hand, I couldn’t swim because of my “open wound”.  

I had always heard you shouldn’t swim with an open wound”, and I looked on the internet and found out why!  Hopefully I can swim tomorrow.

Pace was only 3 seconds slower than my goal.  It is just a lot faster to walk outside than inside. 

I also looked on the internet to find  the best way to dig out a dead Rose bush.  I really worked at it, probably harder than any of my exercise routines!  Aliene helped a lot and we were successful in  getting the bush dug out!

End of a three day weekend, overall a very enjoyable 3 day weekend, except for some of the disastrous weather in the area.  

Walking outside again has really made a big difference and I hope the weather will allow me to continue.

Also have been spending some time on the patio, which I really enjoy.  I especially enjoy the patio in the early morning, hearing the world wake up.  I can tell almost exactly when the birds will start  chirping.  

Netflix messed me up by starting  “Blacklist” at the beginning again, so I started watching “Bosch” (the fifth season) on Prime.  It is just as good or better than the first four seasons!  

We currently have  T-Mobile phones and are going to have to switch due to extremely poor coverage.  They have great Customer Service, but coverage in this area is poor. 

It means we will lose our  “free” Netflex service, but the lack of a good signal has almost become dangerous. 

My new procedure of walking outside and then going to the gym to swim hopefully will work better than walking “indoors” all of the time.  At least walking indoors now is an alternative in the event of extreme weather etc.  There is something about walking outdoors that is just a lot better than walking indoors. 

That’s it for now, Tuesday, May 28, 2019. 

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