2019 Spring May 29 Wednesday

69 degrees tis morning, 83% humidity 

Windy yesterday, continued muggy.  Last night, strong threat of severe storms (including tornados), fortunately missed us and, to my knowledge, didn’t cause any major damage elsewhere..

I will be so glad to see sunshine, no clouds and no wind!  

Exercise yesterday was outside walk, 34:23 minutes.  Didn’t go swimming due to open wound.  

Pace was 16:12 minutes, which is 12 seconds slower than my goal, but still good.  The time was my “old’ route I did for years.  

Yesterday was a field day and I was downtown and felt the wind through the tall buildings etc/1  I’m really glad it wasn’t Winter.  

Saw a recent quote “Happiness is wanting what you get”.  

I have thought about that a little, and I can see the point, but in a way I wonder that the point is.  It seems to me that the search for Happiness includes the search for what makes you Happy, including the option of “being happy with what you get”.  

I have known people who are “happy with what they get” because their expectations are low, so I’m not sure if I care for the insinuation of the quote.  If you “aren’t happy with what you get”, it very well may mean that you will never have a higher level of happiness because your expectations are so low!

Probably reading too much into this (but then whoever made the quote asked for it!), but I feel that the quote seems to mean there is some level of happiness that you can “achieve” happiness.

Frankly, I don’t even think about whether I am “happy” or not.  The more I think about it, “happiness” “is” and is not something we “achieve”, it kind of is there or not.  

Like the quote “life is what happens while you wait for life to happen”  (I may have mangled that a little), “happiness” is what happens  while you wait for happiness”.  Maybe when you live your life to your fullest potential, or “happiness” is what happens while you wait for something to make you happy!

Somehow, the  quote (Happiness is wanting what you get) took a different turn than I expected when I started writing about what I thought the quote meant.   I really thought I would say a sentence or two and go on, but the didn’t happen!  

One fo the things I love about writing a journal post each day, sometimes it takes on a life of it’s own 

I have seen a lot of people pass on lately (say since my parents, which has been 25 years for my Dad this year), and I think about what they were like when they were alive, what made them happy and if they were truly happy.

Obviously, I don’t know, I can’t even speak for myself, except I feel relatively “happy” at this stage of my life.  

I remember when I was a child, I heard a quote that I will always remember “if you have your health, you have everything”.  I think there is a lot of truth to that. 

Thats it for now, Wednesday, May 29, 2019. 

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