2019 Spring May 30 Thursday

59 degrees this morning, 98% humidity 

Still cloudy yesterday, some rain, most light, although there were periods of heavy rain.  We do know it will eventually end.  At some point, we will be begging for rain again!  Looked at the long term forecast, after today, rain every day for the next week! 

Exercise yesterday:

Exercise:  Walk (outside):  34:35 minutes

Swim:  16:43 minutes

Pace was 4 seconds slower than my goal.  

This morning I started phase one of my exercise plan for the week, which is to walk outside in the morning, and then swim at the Fitness Center.  (Field days I will probably exercise less, since I get plenty of exercise on field days!) At some point I plan on introducing regular outdoor bicycle riding, I don’t know when.  

A person I normally see at the end of my swim saw me this morning (at the end of my swim but much earlier) and I told him I just can’t get used to indoor walking, which is true, so I am walking out of doors early and then swimming.  It saves about 40 minutes, in that I get home about 40 minutes earlier providing me more time during morning “hypertime” 

I started walking the full route I used to walk (increasing the walk to about 34 minutes rather than the  23 or so minutes of the indoor walk), but since I am walking before the fitness center opens,  it is like free time.  

As I grow older, I get some faint idea of what an “invisible person” feels like.  People look at you but don’t see you because your age makes you irrelevant. (Only a small percentage of people, but enough you notice it.)  

I can’t say that it bothers me that much, you develop your own way of dealing with it.

What is even more obvious is businesses.  I have signed up for surveys and put in my true age and am told “thanks but no thanks”.  I complete the same survey request and lie about my age and am immediately accepted.  (I don’t do the survey in that case.)

In a way I can understand that of course, demographics are important, and the businesses don’t really care what their older customers think since they feel they are thinking “long term”.   (Not really, most don’t think past the next quarter, or a way to juice their stock,  but that’s another story).

What I don’t like is when I am a paying customer, paying the same as everyone else and I lose out on opportunities or programs because of my age.

Another story, I filled out a “contest” entry for tickets to see music stars in a intimate environment at a music festival we are attending.  I fill out an entry with my normal age and was advised that “something was wrong”, they couldn’t process my entry.  I then sent in an entry with my age 40 years younger and it was processed immediately.  Of course, I expect if you watched the “winners” you will see few older people anyway.  Seems strange that they require your age in this case.

Hopefully just a fluke, but these are the same sponsors that quit putting chairs out for performances etc. in an apparent effort to discourage older people from attending.  

In any event, I may be stretching too much on that, but I can definitely feel the  “invisible person” concept getting stronger as I get older.  I guess you could say I don’t like it but I’m too old to care! 

That’s it for now, Thursday, May 30, 2019.

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