2019 Spring May 31 Friday

60 degrees this morning, 84% humidity

Excellent day yesterday, started off a little cool, quickly got better.

Exercise was walking (outside) for 34:48 minutes.  Didn’t swim, basically due to time restrictions.  Pace was 9 seconds slower than my goal.

Really nice to get back to walking outside again, regardless of the weather.  I was a little concerned about the temperature, but there were no problems.  

Today is supposed to be nice again, then rain start again for at least the next seven days, at least “scattered thunderstorms”.  

Part of the reason I got the Apple Watch was because it finally was waterproof for swimming as well as the “Independent” GPS etc. for walking and bicycling.

Of course I wouldn’t think of putting my beloved Apple watch in water, I use a cheap $5  watch to wear in the pool!  I also wear the cheap watch  when bicycling, the heck with taking a chance on wearing my Apply watch while I’m bicycling and taking a chance on breaking it in a fall!  

Eventually I’ll probably wear it while bicycling, it would be so convenient.  However, I can guarantee I’ll never wear it when swimming!

The plastic watches I get at Walmart for $5.00 (in this case it was on sale, usually it is around $11) are excellent for swimming and other exercises and they last for years.  One watch I got lasted literally for years, until I lost it in the 16’ water at the YMCA (I didn’t bother diving down for it!)

Really strong weird dream this morning,  I didn’t write it down, but still remember it.  

I was at”work”, basically doing what I do in the field.  

 I was waiting to see someone when I realized I was wearing an old (literally) torn shirt, a shirt I got over 23 years ago, about this time of year.  Aliene got one also and gave me hers, both of which are torn around the neck.  They are made of some kind of material that I love for using after I swim or take a shower.  For some reason I haven’t been able to find a shirt like it.

Anyway, I am waiting to see someone  (all of my “customers” are “important” in my job),  and I suddenly seem to realize I am wearing the torn shirt (with an American flag on the front), a pair of decrepit shoes and I thought about putting on this loud yellow jacket to cover up the torn shirt!

Fortunately I woke up before I had to make a decision!  It took me a while after I woke up to realize it was a dream!  I don’t remember the front part of the dream.  

Last day of May, means 2019 is already 50% gone.  

That’s it for now, Friday, May 31, 2019. 


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