2019 Spring June 1 Saturday

69 degrees this morning 77% humidity 

Wonderful day yesterday.  I am hoping it is the beginning of a change in weather, but apparently the rain is returning.  

Exercise yesterday

Walk 24:05 minutes

Swim:  20:15 minutes

Pace was 10 seconds slower than my goal.  

Still experimenting to find the best “right mix” of exercise.   It may take some time, probably will differ depending on the circumstances 

Second half of 2019 is beginning.  I assume it will be just as fast as the first half of the year was!  

The lying coward lunatic certainly has some pathetic coward boot lickers who were obviously chosen for their inability to do anything but praise the lunatic and kowtow to him.   

The lunatics latest racist insane action on tariffs for Mexico demonstrates the lunatic and all of his toadies don’t understand tariffs.  They will play golf and eat luxury meals  on their tax paid vacations while the world burns.  

What is almost worse is the pathetic coward congress that won’t stop this loser lunatic from violating the law and calling everything an ‘emergency” so he can run around feeling big about ruining the world with his tariffs and similar insane actions.  

Tonight we are going to see a live performance of “The Four Seasons” that I am really looking forward to.  Probably in the top ten of my favorites in music (which can change depending on how I feel and my mood), I enjoy hearing it “live” although I have only heard it “live” once in my life, at least to my knowledge.  

I’m not quite sure why I enjoy it, but I have used it as a ring for my phone (depending on whom is calling) for years.  

While I don’t use an alarm to wake up in the morning, I do use an alarm for my “naps”.  One of my favorite alarms is the Four Seasons, primarily “Spring” or “Summer”

Some more thoughts from the monthly Newsletter.  On of his suggestions is to avoid some “sea level”  cities (New York, Miami etc.).  He feels the higher water levels will create the need to raise taxes to fortify the city against the higher water levels, leading to an exodus of residents and taxes and problems/inconveniences  significantly rise.  

I don’t really know what to think of that.  He also suggests other cities/areas will gain by the exodus, as the residents move to safer and more inexpensive areas.  Not something I personally will lose any sleep over, but I have to wonder why someone isn’t looking at the possibility and possible solutions.  

Weekend is here, thank goodness.  Sometimes a “4 day week” almost seems longer Tham a normal 5 day work week for some reason.  

That’s it for now, Saturday, June 1, 2019.

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