2019 Spring June 3 Monday

70  degrees this morning, 87% humidity 

Actually a nice day yesterday, no rain etc.  Hope this becomes a habit at least for a while! We took advantage of it to finish up (or at least substantially complete) a yard project.  

Exercise yesterday:

-Walk 34:05 minutes

-Stationary Bike:  30 minutes

-Swim:  11 minutes 

Pace was 12 seconds slower than my goal.  

Watching “Bosch” Season 5!  It is as good as the first four seasons are.  I watch it a bit here and a bit there. Usually I watch it during my “lunch” time when I am o a field day and when we hang out at Starbucks.   I’ll finish it and then go back to the series “Blacklist”. 

CMA Fest is coming up again.  We enjoy going and it will be nice to have a long break from work.  Old habits die hard (or don’t die) and there is no way I cannot check my work e-mail each day and listen to my work voice mails, vacation or no vacation!  

Getting prepared for the “t-shirt” quilt (actually we will get a smaller “throw”).  We figure that will allow us to see how we like it and also have somewhat of a “theme” on the quilt than having a larger quilt.  For my first theme, I am picking out work related events t-shirts.  A later one will have music events perhaps or events depending on the number of t-shirts needed.  

That reminds me that I need to start taking pictures of my t-shirts and hats as well as my Hot Wheels type of cars.  It is so hard get the lighting right on the little cars.  

Another dream: 

Dream 5-28-19

Vivid dream that I had lost my work computer. It took me awhile after I woke up to realize it was only  a dream  

I dreamed i left it in a coffee shop or restaurant.  (not the ones I usually go to, it was a very old and littered cafe or coffee shop). 

For some reason I was driving a big semi truck (with a trailer yet!) and when I had gone in, I had left the back door wide open and when I got there a bunch of kids were sitting in the cab.

I told them to leave and they left laughing.  

I kept thinking I had to call and report my computer stolen, but I kept looking for it.  I was disappointed when I found proof someone had removed the computer so it was truly stolen.  

AS the dream ended, I was driving the truck through a very crowded area.

The truck wouldn’t stop and i was in “acceleration crawl” gear,  which meant I could crawl, but couldn’t stop the truck..  I finally figured out I needed to switch  to regular “drive”.  

(I’m sure, or at least I hope I am sure there is no such gear! ) 

A very intense dream, and a nerve-wracking one a that!  I was glad to wake up and realize it was only a dream1

That’s it for now, Monday, June 3, 2019

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