2019 Spring June 4 Tuesday

72 degrees this morning, 86% humidity

Wonderful day yesterday, hopefully the good weather will continue.  (However, the radar shows a rain cloud north of us, now if it just stays north!)

Walk 34:35 minutes yesterday.  Pace was 16 seconds slower than my goal pace.  

One of the galling things in life is printing out tickets for an event and than having to waste a lot of ink on their  advertisements.  The ads are always in dark color ink so you waste a lot of ink printing out THEIR ads and then they have the gall to add a “convenience fee” for me printing out their tickets and their ads!

I will certainly never buy anything from such ads.  Ticketmaster is one of the companies that are prime examples of poor customer service, ripping off the customer with hidden excessive fees etc.  that normally don’t show up until you are ready to purchase and have so littler regard for customers that their “tickets” have excessive dark areas so you waste ink.  

Many “news apps” have become so riddled with ads and misleading “promoted” stories  they are literally worthless.  “Flipboard” used to be fun to read occasionally, but I deleted the app after just being continually assaulted by ads that act like they are news stories, that try to “trap” you and are hard to get out of etc.  

Many “news apps” by local tv stations are the same, so they are basically worthless.  Some of the ads are literally scams, I don’t know how they can promote them.

“Som day” I will need to somehow delete all of the worthless e-mails from my computer, phone etc!  Realistically I probably could just delete all of them without ever knowing the difference, but I always think maybe there is one I will need sometime!

I remember when my first “PC compatible” computer hard drive conked out and, of course, without any backup.  There was never a single file or anything else I ever missed, at least to my knowledge!  

Of course, things are different now.  With multiple backups of everything, my problem now would probably be finding something that is important.

The “search” capacity of computers and programs are wonderful, but still are hardly perfect. 

I am rapidly approaching the demise of my current iPhone, iPad and laptop computer!  I will need to scheduled them out a little!  

Right now I am waiting for the next generation of iPhone this Fall, and I am just hoping my iPhone lasts until then.  

I’m not too worried about my iPad, it still works fine even though it is six years old.  I look with longing at the new one with the pencil etc., and I may succumb sometime, but probably not until I replace my iPhone and laptop.  

The laptop battery expires relatively fast, but still isn’t all that bad.  My problem now is that some problems won’t run on it, or make the laptop run excessively hot, which is very unusual for this computer. The laptop will be six years old this August, so it is getting close to being obsolete for many purposes.  

I think the main consideration is that once I buy a new laptop or device, I am always concerned they will immediately come out with an update (and of course they will anyway) and make my purchase obsolete!

That’s it for now, Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

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