2019 Spring June 5 Wednesday

73 degrees this morning, 93% humidity 

Yesterday was relatively nice, rain shower in the morning.  

As we go to the CMA fest, it is like an old memory come alive (although somewhat reversed) as we see old sights we used to see every six weeks or so.

Now we see them once a year, we see some changes, but the basics are always the same and it brings backs memories of the past. 

As time passes, I think we tend to remember the positive and surpass the negative, if nothing else due to the passage of time and the fact that we only really have room for a small amount of our actual memories.  

Not that I forget the negative, but why dwell on the negative?  Many times we learn from the negative, or realize a negative has had some positive effects.  

I love vacations and days off, but I also feel some responsibility to my  “customers” and I actually enjoy being able to respond to questions if possible while on vacation.  (It doesn’t happen much or I wouldn’t enjoy it!) As I have noted often, I love my job and a part I enjoy the most is helping people through the morass of paperwork mazes!   I know how frustrated I can get, so anything I can do, I enjoy helping.  

In a way, it may be somewhat selfish, since I get the most benefit (satisfaction) from helping them, although I also get a sense of frustration when I get a question I can’t answer and I can’t find the answer and I have to tell them they need to call someone else.  Don’t happen often, but it does happen.  

Of course I realize there is no way a printed (or computerized) document can prepare to  answer ALL situations.  There will always be situations no one could anticipate!  Of course when a computer can handle that, I may not have a job!  I’ll deal with that when it happens.

I expect it is rather scary to immersed in your career, after years of preparation and experience and suddenly realize a computer or robot is going to take over.  Careers or jobs that no one would have ever assumed could be performed by technology are being replaced by technology or applications of technology.  

Of course, technology isn’t always that advanced, I would never that thought when I was a child, we would be driving the same basic car in 2020!  I really thought we would have self-driving cars and would be getting around by space packs etc!  

Ditto with the airplane etc.  Much advanced, but the same basic structure and an even worse flying experience.  

Obviously big advancements have been made in communications, personal computers, phones etc.  While I believed “Dick Tracy” and his “wrist radio” would eventually be here (it is here), I never envisioned the impact of the “smart phone” or even the “digital personal assistant”.  

I really think the “digital personal assistant” (Echo/Alexa etc.) probably will have one of the biggest impacts when the security/privacy matter is resolved.  I, for one, couldn’t care less, I am going to use it, it is just too convenient!

I assume it won’t be long before a robot “digital personal assistant” is available who can get us items, pick up items, and be a “butler” or “mail” at a small cost.

One thing technology has done is make aging a little easier!

That’s it for now,  Wednesday, June 5, 2019.

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