2019 Spring June 6 Thursday

74 Degrees this morning, 74% humidity 

Generally good weather yesterday, cloudy and high humidity all day, always threatening to rain!

It is really embarrassing to have vile, lying coward lunatic “represent” the United States to commemorate the sacrifice and efforts of some extremely brave persons who fought in the D-Day battle!   I can’t even imagine what it was like and how they kept going.  

The thought of one of the worlds currently most notorious  cowards and liars representing us is disgusting.  Hopefully this nightmare will be over in early 2021 as the lying coward lunatic is perp walked out of office to jail where he belongs.  Most of his staff (and the coward congress) should be frog walked to jail with him also.

I am not a person who believes in “Jail” for many offenses.  I think we put way too many people in jail where it would be better for the person and society to have them do community service etc.  

I have noted that many of the people who are “jail pushers” for minor offenses, suddenly change their mind when it is themselves or their families who get jail terms for minor offenses!  

The start of the CMA Fest today.  We have learned to relax and don’t worry about “seeing it all” or even most of it.  We enjoy ourselves and that is the main thing.  

I recently noted some of the perils and drawbacks of growing older, other than the alternative isn’t all that desirable as long as my health is good etc.  

There are some very good aspects also.  On the monetary side, pensions, Social Security and Medicare are wonderful, you don’t realize how wonderful until you are on the receiving side! 

Also, you receive a number of discounts etc., which are nice.  

While I am still working and enjoy my job, I also have the freedom of knowing I don’t absolutely have to have to job to survive.  I may not live quite as well without it, but the key is it is my decision to keep on working.  And that is a factor that provides you with a sense of security and relief!  

Thinking some more about the “digital personal assistant”, I know a lot of people who don’t have one (or more) because they are concerning about it “listening” to them.  Outside of wondering who really cares what you are saying, I really think they really don’t “listen” without the “wakeup” word.  

It is true, there is sort of a “1984” aspect to the device if someone (a company or the government) could “listen in” and take action, but I really doubt that that will happen.  

With the ability to examine and analysis “big data”, anything could happen!  

I recently read where it is actually possible to “change the memory” of a person.  I don’t recall exactly how they do it, but actual experiments have been made where the memory of a person can be changed, to where they believe that something that they had a memory of an experience can be “changed” to where what they remember is something they are told is a memory.

Now, that is scary!  

That’s it for now, Thursday, June 6, 2019.

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