2019 Spring June 7 Friday

72 degrees this morning 89% humidity  

Rain started late afternoon and continued throughout the night yesterday.  

Twenty-two years ago Aliene and I got married on this date.  One of the best decisions I have every made!  

This has been a trip of “upgrades”.  We got an upgrade to a suite at the motel we stayed on the way up here and then an upgrade to the “premium floor” at the our current hotel.  For good or bad, it includes coffee, snacks and water etc.  Technically all you can eat.  

Then, since we just stay in the hotel and take a Lyft or Uber to the actual site (it is cheaper than fighting the traffic and paying parking fees, plus more convenient), we got an e-mail that we get 50% off on Lyft rides for the weekday rides!

Perhaps an Anniversary gift!  

Yesterday, I ate nothing but junk food all day, but then what are vacations for!  Probably will do the same today!  

As I mentioned, we don’t try to do everything any more, we have some places we like to go and then we just kind of go with the flow. 

I am personally disappointed that there isn’t more fiddle music.  Oddly enough a lot of recorded music (including “new” music) has fiddle players, but we see just a couple of fiddle players each time, they just aren’t a normal part of a lot of  bands anymore.  I guess I appreciate it all there when there is a fiddle or fiddles! 

Yesterday, I mentioned about how scientists (or whomever) could “remake” our memories.  I researched it a little after I wrote about it is actually more advanced than I thought.

Also, I didn’t really realize that every time we think of a “memory”, we tend to change it a little or “reconsolidate” it so that it changes every time we think about it!

This may be a way of dealing with fear, so that a fear or a bad memory changes.  However, I really don’t like the idea that I may change my memories every time I think of a memory!  

Not only are your “memories”  changed as you remember them, it is also relatively simple to “change” a memory or implant “fake” memories.  

I’m not sure if something there are ways of “changing to the original memory” or not.  If you don’t even remember what the original memory was, it seems like it would be impossible!  

I was surprised at how easy it is (at least in theory) to change someone’s memories, although I really wonder about the ethics of doing so.  One article tried to argue it was ok if you were “helping” someone, which I find debatable at best.  How do I know what is “best” for someone else?

They also discussed “gaslighting” , which explains a lot how the lying coward lunatic gets by with his lies and perverted juvenile behavior and incompetence.  He is a very sick person to say the least.  (Basically it is to ridicule the person and insist they are wrong, even if it is a complete lie and that you are right.)

The situation on the tariffs describes this completely.  While I mute the whining  squealing voice of the lying coward lunatic. I read something about how he squeals how he knows all about tariffs and no one else does.  Of course, in reality he knows nothing about tariffs, misunderstands them completely and is incompetent to even discuss them. 

Anyway, the discussion on how someone can “gaslight” or “change memories” (which is much easer in the world of “social media’ is scary to say the least.

That’s it for now, Friday, June 7, 2019, our 22nd Anniversary!  

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