2019 Spring June 9 Sunday

72 degrees this morning, 89% humidity  

Overall good day yesterday, cloudy all day, but only a few short showers.  

Last day of CMA fest. It has been fun, and actually relaxing since we didn’t try to do too much (except eat too much).  I had a lot of junk food, but then I am on vacation!

I finally buckled down and got on my “tu it” list to try to incorporate my “Evernote” account into my daily life.  I decided the time has come to either use it or lose it!  Actually I do use it for some things, mainly data storage, but not actively in may daily and business life, which is where it can be so valuable.  

I did find I could “scan and save” a lot of documents with my phone etc..  I probably knew this, but have never set down to actually do it.

On my theory (and experience) that I learn best when I need to do something, I forced myself to set up some reminders automatically send e-mails to Evernote etc.  Actually I have been doing this for a long time on my journal, I just haven’t spread it around to my other e-mails.

I have even thought of forwarding e-mails to Evernote I want to save and delete all other e-mails so I don’t have to deal with them!

E-mails have completely gotten out of hand, I may have to simply change e-mail addresses and send an “automatic message” my e-mail has changed and then block all e-mail to my account for awhile.  Or something like that, I still haven’t decided.

I am amazed that businesses risk angering customers by too frequent meaningless e-mails.  For example, hotels e-mailing about “specials” about places I never go, airlines e-mailing about trips to places I never go, restaurants e-mailing “specials” about food I never eat etc. I wonder if they really think this is actually useful or if someone is just keeping busy or feels “any contact is a good contact”.  I could tell them differently!  

It all adds up.  

I am worried that Facebook Messenger and my text messaging for my phone may become a similar garbage pail for messages, so I have been diligent blocking them when possible.  

For some reason I started getting spam texts asked me to support some of the unethical liars at fox “news”, and surveys design to get the responses they wanted.  I took care of that fairly fast (and with great enjoyment) by telling them what I really  think of some of their  so called “announcers” and responding to the survey!!!  Of course, they have no interest in the truth, or what you really think, so that ended fast.

Anyway, I always felt like I should be using Evernote for a lot more than I was using it for and I am going to try to find about one new task a week to use Evernote to help me either perform a new task or do a better job on an existing task.

Perhaps the fist thing I should do is set up  a “list” of what I want to accomplish with Evernote and add to it on a daily (or so) basis so I have a continual list of ideas.  Some may not work, but I won’t know if I don’t try.

Long drive back, hopefully there won’t be any rain.

That’s it for now, Sunday, June 9, 2019.

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